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Offensive Miniatures US Airborne Platoon Pack
Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 10 May 2009

I know it’s been quiet here for a while, but that is indeed part of the reason that I scaled back the site and expectations… Life and work both got busy.


The entire army


But I’ve finished the Offensive Miniatures 28mm US Airborne army that The WebMistress picked up for my birthday, and gave them a little armor support, so here you go, my impressions.

What's up these days.
Written by Don MacVittie   
Saturday, 09 May 2009

Been a while since I made an update, so here's the current status...

  1. Finished with all but writing about Offensive Miniatures US Airborne (28mm) they came out nice enough.
  2. The WebMistress and I have been using Twitter for work for a good long while, and now we have one for this site and our RPG site (we opted to start with just one for both items). If you want nightly updates/ponderings/etc in 140 characters or less, go here. To filter out RPG stuff, search on #paint.
  3. Just finished a Tamiya 1:48 Panther G and Sherman M4A1, will post pictures soon (Sherman is with the Airborne army)
  4. Working on Pegasus Models Gothic Ruins Set #1, about 1/2 way through them.
  5. Working on the upgrade of this system to something more neuvo.
  6. Next on the painting table is a Tamiya 1:48 T-34 with Tankodesant and some infantry.
  7. After that, I want to turn back to 15mm for WWII. I have a Russian reinforced infantry army (more than a year old), and an Afrika Korps Panzergrenadier army (both set up for FoW). If you have a preference, let me know.
  8. I have a major night or two of work restoring the vehicles and stands my 15 month old got to. Mostly the 20mm plastics, but some of the 15mm (mostly the German 7th Panzer EW army), and some 28mm - a Bradley, a Cromwell, a Stuart, some British Airborne, and a Humber, all took a hit pretty badly (the Stuart barrel is twisted off). And to think I was standing there. Can't imagine what he'd have done with 10 minutes alone. ;-)
  9. I also have a cache of five 1:16th fantasy figures to assemble and paint.

That's it for now. Items like these bullet points will come through the Twitter account, and the new site will RSS feed the Twitter account in once it's ready to go live.

Oh, okay, I'll slip in a picture of the Sherman...


Until next time,


Both Sides of the Fence: A 15mm Romanian infantry FireFight
Written by Don MacVittie   
Thursday, 26 February 2009

We had some very bad Dutch helmets, which dropped over our eyes, and when by instinct we lifted the head for a better sight, we became an easy target… Not to mention that when it rained, the shape of the helmet allowed the water to pour along the throat, along the spine and down to the boots. Once I fitted a German helmet on my head. It was a luxury compared with what we used.

                                    Sgt Sandu Aurel, in his memoirs on WorldWarTwo.ro 

In World War II, the Romanian soldier was ill-trained, well equipped, but with sometimes inferior equipment, and lead by men who could be callous and cruel.

But they were the third largest European army in the Axis, and they fought from the beginning of Barbarossa until the very end of the war, first under the Germans, later under the Russians.


We brought the four 15mm vendors that we could find with a selection of 15mm miniatures into the Wargames @ Nordalia painting areas to see what’s available on the market, the fact is that these four vendors offer a better selection of figures than all of the vendors that offer some of the more primary combatants. Since all of these figures go together relatively well, your options are great, and several of the vendors offer a large variety of poses.

Point of Contact Miniatures: Halftrack Overview
Written by Don MacVittie   
Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The boxes, as delivered.

When we saw the advertisement on The Miniatures Page  for Point of Contact Miniatures, we thought we’d give it a try. Since one of the distributors listed is a supplier for our FLGS, we asked them to order us some American M3A1 halftracks and some German Sdkfz 251 halftracks.

SHQ Tavern Series: Signs, Kegs, and Wenches
Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 23 November 2008

The outside Inn with the minstrel.


When your fantasy adventurers hit the nearest tavern, you need a spot for them to hang out. Be it the traditional start of Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons  campaigns or a Two Hour Wargames Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures (WH:AA) tavern encounter, you need the bar, the barmaid, and the rest of the crowd to set the scene.


The assembled inside sets.


SHQ Miniatures foresaw your need and answered it with a series of 25mm tavern related products. We brought the entire line in for review, figuring that there were an awful lot of you interested with the release of D&D 4.0 and WH:AA. While this review was being painted up, we purchased and tried out D&D 4.0, and while we were writing this review up, we purchased and tried WH:AA. These figures and accessories came in handy for WH:AA.
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