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Written by Don MacVittie   
Saturday, 31 March 2007

Don has fun with the BF Grenadierkompanie box and takes you along for the trip. As befits a look at a box set, we loaded this article with pictures � warning to users with limited bandwidth.

Update - 07 APR 07 - Appended numerous pictures of the Command Post at reader request.

The Battlefront Miniatures Early to Mid War Grenadiers Box set is not a newer set, but it will suit many needs for Wehrmacht in the European Theater. We picked one up to fill in as an early war Shutzen company for Poor Bloody Infantry. To be exact, we were building a Shutzen company from the 7th InfantrieRegiment, Rommel's 7th Panzer Divisionen during the invasion of France.

The massed army awaiting painting

The box comes with 107 assembled pieces. Yes, we said 107. We were impressed with the price of $40-45 USD and we found the figure quality acceptable. There's a good mix, with a preponderance of advancing rifles, but in a rifle company that is definitely to be expected, and is actually what we were after. There were two Anti-Tank Rifles, two 8cm mortar teams, two light mortar teams, three command teams and 16 rifle/MG teams in the box, along with a Pupch�n anti-tank gun. Rounding out the set is a resin command post that is rather well done.

The one incongruent element in this box is the Pupch�n. This armament�full name 88mm Raketenwerfer 43 Pupchen�was not accepted into service (as the name says) until 1943. As a choice for the weapon in a box clearly labeled "early to mid war," it seems a little odd. Still, we painted it up and tossed it into the bits box along with its crew. Maybe one day we'll have a use for it, but not this day.

The infamous Pupchen

Other than the little mis-step with the Pupch�n, this is a fine boxed set, with all of the elements required to start building a company. For PBI, it is nearly two armies' worth of infantry, but that's okay�extras always get used around here, and in fact, we started trying to figure out how to make an I Ain't Been Shot Mum! (IABSM) army nearly immediately after we realized we had much more than we needed for PBI. Because there weren't enough figures to set up an entire IABSM army, we opted for the Skirmish Campaigns Ghost Division Invasion of France book, and made certain we could model those forces.

When you set these bad-boys out on the painting table, you get a much clearer picture of how many figures you got for your small investment. It's definitely a lot, and we were glad to have them�it allows us to grow parallel armies in two game systems.

The horde with the portions used for the 7th InfantrieRegiment based and the others awaiting reinforcements before getting based.

After months of serious troubles with Battlefront quality control on everything we purchased, it was refreshing to open this box and find all as it should be. There were enough of everything to build what the back of the box said it should build, nothing was broken or miscast, all was good. While this should be the expected norm, it is our experience that with Battlefront you can't assume completeness�particularly in boxed sets�so we were pleasantly surprised. If you need early-war Germans for any purpose, you'll be happy with this box. It's affordable and the figures are nice enough, while the volume is great.


AT Rifle Team

Firing LMG Team

Advancing LMG

Select Riflemen

One of the Mortar Teams

Addendum 07 APR 07 - The CP

A reader wanted to see more of the command post, so here are the close-ups. A very nice model, in our opinion:


Open Side


Closed side

From above

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