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Written by Don MacVittie   
Tuesday, 13 February 2007

To fend off the hordes of enemies building up against him, Don gets a Hoard of his own from Wargames Foundry to paint up as a fantasy army.

Assyrian Stand-Ins
Jan 30, 2007 
by Don MacVittie 
28mm Assyrians painted for fantasy
To fend off The Webmistress' Larkanians, I am building up a force of Doornians. After shopping around for suitable figures, we settled on the Foundry Assyrian Heavy Guardsmen for the particular army I was modeling.

So we popped out to their website and took advantage of their $125 USD with free shipping offer. The army came in less than a week - from the U.K. to the U.S. That's pretty good, and pretty much guarantees that they shipped the same day.

The box

We popped open the box, pulled out all the other stuff we threw in because of free shipping (more Aztecs and some wonderful WWII Nazis), and then gazed at our army.

One thing we noted after the fact is that many of Foundry's Hoard Deals have a note that indicates you need to order the spears separately, but ours did not. If you order from them, make certain you read the fine print at the bottom of the page so that you don't get disappointed.

The contents with extraneous items removed

Next, we took them out, washed them with soap and water, and trimmed up the stray bits. One thing we noticed was that there was not much flash on these miniatures, which we're always happy about because you're less likely to get a figure half-painted and then realize that you need to remove some excess sprue.

The cost of this army may be off-putting for some, but if you can swing it, getting them all together and built to complement each other is a huge benefit. And at $125, that's a little over $2 USD each - about 1 GBP each. That's about the same as you'll pay anywhere else, and for selection within their covered areas, Wargames Foundry is hard to beat.

Next, we primed them up and set them up for you to take a peak at. The army is impressive when arrayed together, and I figure they will strike proper fear into The Webmistress and The Ninja's purile little armies.

The army, primed and ready for painting

I have painted up Doornian hoards before, but never soldiers from this particular Doornian army. Since it is a fantasy world of my design (with a lot of help from many people), I have a lot of leeway in painting the figures.I chose to give them the colors of the kingdom - white, black, green, and red - with golden pyramids (the symbol of the nation's deity) painted upon their shields. Officers will have green edged red fringe and soldiers would have yellow edged red trim. Because Ismack Doorne (the kingdom this army is from) is very militocratic, there would be very little variation in soldiers' dress.

Knowing all of this, I set out to paint up some samples. This is something I do with all of my armies. Some few armies I paint often enough that I just sit down and do it, but for most I paint up a sample and see how they look.

My five-figure sample, painted the night before this was written. Note that they require touch-up, wash, and matte finish before they are "done".

My samples came out okay, and the details I hoped to utilize worked out well. I had a little trepidation about the spears because they were solid rod, sharpened at both ends. But I cut one end off of the sample below, and painted the end steel even though it wasn't shaped for a tip. I think it came off well enough, and will do the same with the other spearmen. The alternative would have been to build tips out of Green Stuff, but that's time-intensive for the large number of spearmen in this army, and they look pretty good as they sit. I'd be interested to hear what you think after seeing this picture

Sample Spearman

And the one commander I painted up as a sample came out relatively well too - I still need to add lips and eyes, but otherwise, he is looking good for a quick-paint.

Sample Commander

That's all for now, I'll update regularly as I get these men trained to fight Larkanians!

Update 18 MAR 2007

The Finished Army
We finished the Doornian (Assyrian) army just in time for our annual get-together, and tried it out while everyone was together for those days.

Here are a few shots of the completed army. The four figures in the front are Vendel Miniatures Indian command, all other figures are Assyrians from Wargames Foundry.

Front view of the entire army.

Slightly Elevated view of the army.

The Army, as viewed from above.

The Ismack Doornian Army's First Combat

Initial setup

We finished this army up and took it out for a spin during the annual Nordalian RPG Tourney.

The Rules
We play Castles and Crusades for Roleplaying, and our miniatures are only to support the C&C campaigns. Thus, we have built up a set of simplified rules for mass combat that is in-line with C&C. In effect, the heroes and leaders are special characters equal to four or more individual soldiers in strength.


More than a century ago, Ismack Doorne conquered the kingdom of Corrigar, and has eliminated it, splitting Corrigar in half with Ismack Doorne's sister kingdom - The Greater Empire of Doorne. Since Ismack Doorne is rather xenophobic, they made their half of Corrigar into a sub-state and placed one of their own as the leader of "the western provinces of Ismack Doorne".
All was well, with the people of Corrigar being treated as sub-citizens and even slaves. But a year ago, someone raised the banner of rebellion in the name of the old Corrigarian nobility.

The Doornians hold a city a week's march from the training grounds of the Corrigarian rebels, who are now more than 1000 strong - not a large force, but big enough to win a single stunning victory and attract more Corrigarians to the banners.

This is the battle of Andresaat, the city chosen by the Corrigarian rebels as their first target.

Orders of Battle

Corrigarian Rebels
General - Sir Bellathon, Templar of Dirge
Wizard - Torlyn Baltruscade, Bard/Wizard of Dirge
Priest - Brother Frendon, Priest of Dirge

First Squadron
Leader - Sir Bolton, Knight of Justice

Second Squadron
Leader - Sir Tyrhelm, Knight of Justice

Leader - Sir Jentill, Templar of Dirge

Doornian Guard
General - Sir Jhell'ar, Knight of Doorne
Priest - Sarni, Priest of Doorne
Priest - Ver'et, Priest of Doorne

Gate Guard
Leader - Piliant, Warrior of Ismack Doorne
10x Soldiers

Temple Guard
Leader - Islan, Knight of The Temple of Doorne
10x Soldiers

Leader - Ba'arat, Warrior of Ismack Doorne
10x Archers

Special Rules
- The Doornians hold the city, and the only entrance is the gate.
- Since the rebels must seize the gates and then take the city, Torlyn Baltruscade is double the level of any other leader or priest.
- This fight is to the finish, there can be no parley.

The Battle

The Corrigarians approached the gates in good order, their archers and priest engaging the archers and priest that the Doornians had on the city wall to keep them occupied while both first and second squadrons approached the gates.

The rebels approach the city.

The Doornians struggled to do any damage at all to the rebel archers, and the infantry breached the gates nearly unopposed.

The rebels breach the gates to fight the waiting Doornian gate guards.

The battle around the gates quickly heated up, and both sets of archers finally started scoring hits upon their opponents, with the Doornians, behind their wall, getting the better of it.

The battle for the gates raged for a while, going definitely against the rebels, until Sir Bellathon himself pushed through the gate and began laying about himself. His leadership quickly reduced the gate guardians to a few stands plus their leader and supporting priest.

The gate guard is decimated

As soon as the Doornian archers on the outter wall were eliminated (after they caused the rebel archers to break and run), Torlyn rushed down to help Sir Bellathon. The Doornian priests, seeing thier opportunity, quickly tried to paralyze both Torlyn and Sir Bellathon, and with some lucky rolls managed to cause both to freeze in their tracks.

Robbed of their leaders, the rebels quickly fell to the more experienced Doornian soldiers, and finally the priests turned to kill Sir Bellathon and Torlyn. Torlyn teleported away, but Sir Bellathon was not able, and he was killed in the gateway.

While Torlyn was gone, Sir Jentil advanced upon the gate without his routed archers. Sir Jentil killed one of the priests and finished off the gate guard, but not before the last of the rebel soldiers had routed. Finally, the last priest finished off Sir Jentil, but by then Torlyn had recovered and returned to the gate.

While the battle for the gate was being decided between one priest and Torlyn, the Temple Guard stayed inside the temple complex, obeying their orders to protect the temple of Doorne at all costs.

With Sir Bellathon dead, and all resistance outside the Temple smashed, Torlyn turned to the temple and began using fire spells to call out the guard.

An enraged Torlyn takes on the entire Temple Guard

Sir Bellathon had been Torlyn's husband, and her rage at his death carried through to dice rolls. Suffering very little in the way of wounds, she managed to kill all eleven soldiers of the Temple Guard.

When all of the defenders had died or run off, Torlyn turned her rage upon the city. Everything that spoke of Doorne or Doornians was burned.

Torlyn burns the town


All in all this was an exciting game, with the result up in the air until the very end. While the Corrigarian rebels won a technical victory, strategically this was a horrible loss for them, with many soldiers and their famed general all left on the field.

The Culprits

The rebels:

Left to right, The Webmistress, Denise, Joe. The empty chair is The Ninja's, who was there, but you can't see him :-)
The Doornians:

Mark (pictured) and I played the Doornians

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