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Written by Don MacVittie   
Monday, 13 November 2006
Don paints up the last of his GenCon miniature purchases and shows off the amazing detail that TBM has packed into these knights. The Holy Grail of 25mm Arthurian Knights

There's little we find more enjoyable than painting up medieval knights, and by extension, fantasy knights. Thunderbolt Mountain has nailed the crossroads of these two genres with its King Arthur Series of miniatures. Sized at 25mm, they work with the many plastics out there and offer details that few rivals can match.

Our TBM Knights in action

While GenCon is definitely not the miniatures haven it once was, we still found plenty there worth carrying back home, from Reaper to Thunderbolt Mountain, Citadel to Hirst Arts. There's still enough variety for most any miniature gamer to get his (or her) fix.

One of our favorite acquisitions is a pair of 25mm Knights of the Round Table�we picked up Sir Percivale and Sir Bors. Both are mounted and come with a fine selection of weapons. While all of the pictures Thunderbolt Mountain offers online show them bearing a few specific arms, there's actually a decent selection to choose from. We opted to give both knights lances with pennons on the ends.

Our two knights riding toward each other

We do most of our 25/28mm wargaming in our fantasy RPG world, so of course we painted them up to represent two orders of knights from that world: one in blue and gold, the other in black and red. These figures are as high-quality as the //link to Wizard with Staff single product//. At 25mm, less than half the size of the wizard, we expected a loss of detail. As you can see from the shield faces alone, that just isn't the case.

Our friends, showing the detail carved into their shields

The one place we did find these carvings lacking is the underbelly. This is a relatively common flaw in horse-with-caparison combinations, but because you normally don't look at the underside of a miniature, it's not normally a big deal. However, one of these knights is on a rearing horse, and that mount's belly shows a bit. The hooves provide some camouflage, but there's a lot of area around the hooves that must just be painted the color of the caparison. The final effect is acceptable, but you should be aware that it's not a perfect solution.

Other than that, these are works of art. We have some other pieces done by Thunderbolt Mountain but sold under another name, and the company's trademark seems to be high quality that's easy to paint and contains details that you can choose to draw out or cover over. We painted details like the edges of the clothing and the symbols on the shields, but if you felt these were too much for you to paint, the figures would still look great.

At $4.50 to $8.00 each, these figures might be a little pricey for some, but if you're building a medieval or fantasy army, they would make great leaders or personalities. This is made a bit more difficult by the carving of symbols on the shields, but a little sandpaper can fix that if it's a serious problem for you. We chose to leave the emblems � while they don't match the crests that a knight of our orders would normally wear, it wouldn't be much of review if we modified the heck out of the figures then said, "They were great beforehand, honest!"

The range of Thunderbolt Mountain legendary figures includes all of King Arthur's court, and we were able to look at each of them at GenCon. We were also intrigued by the intricate detail in their elves collection, which we will eventually purchase from also.

Overall, these are wonderful 25mm figures. While there are some excellent plastics out there these days, even those with fine detail will be hard put to outshine these knights. We have yet to be disappointed with a Thunderbolt Mountain product.

View from the front

Vendor: Thunderbolt Mountain

US Sourcing
Retailer: Direct from Thunderbolt Mountain
Price: $4.50 as-purchased, $8.00 for mounted and afoot

UK Sourcing
Retailer: Gamers Quest
Price � 4.50 for the matched set, no individual pricing.

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