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Written by Don MacVittie   
Friday, 29 September 2006
Don takes advantage of a free miniatures offer by Bolt Action Miniatures to give you a peak at their German and Soviet WWII figures.

You Had Me At BAM!

Our two free samples of Bolt Action Miniatures from the back

In July, I was surfing the Bolt Action Miniatures site and found its "free samples" page. Now, I've been doing my level best to avoid getting into 28mm WWII--I have enough scales and genres to deal with. But hey, I picked up some dirt-cheap 28mm vehicles (who can resist a bargain?), so I thought I'd check out the quality of BAM miniatures and see how deep I could get myself. I could stop whenever I wanted, right? It was my aim to write them up so you could order samples if they interest you. Unfortunately, BAM stopped the free giveaway offer before we were able to get this article to print, but hopefully it will be back.

My worst fears of addiction were realized when the BAM figures, one German and one Russian infantryman, showed up about a week later in my mailbox, pointing their rifles at me and muttering, "We have you now!" With these two well-crafted figures in hand, I forgot all about the pain inflicted by my 28mm vehicle adventures (see 28mm Humber review)

These figures were, simply, a joy to paint. The detail includes the entire bolt action on both rifles, realistic uniform creasing, and on the Russian figure an excellently carved Ushanka cap with a star in the center of the forehead.

I painted both figures with Valejo paints except for the Ushanka, which is painted using Adikolor. They painted up quickly and easily, with clean lines for delineating things like straps and belts. The overall experience was great--and I'm in for trouble because I'll definitely be back for more.

One nit: We suspect whomever modeled these figures is not a marksman. On the standing German, the sighting eye appears closed. The pose of this mini is off as well; his head is just cocked wrong to be sighting on anything. It's as if he's sighting with his off eye, but that eye is looking across the gun instead of down the sights. Honestly, neither of these points are issues of major proportions--you won't notice them at tabletop distance unless you're The Ninja, who picked up the German figure the first time he saw it and declared, "Untrained home guard, doesn't know how to sight."

The figures' hands are a little big, but this is not so egregious as to be painful. Check out our final pictures and the shots on the BAM site to decide if they'll be an issue for you; we're fine with it, just noticed it in passing and thought we'd pass the information on. Balancing this, the Ushanka is rather well done, and with a little layering we were able to get it to look quite life-like, though it's difficult to tell this from the pictures.

One note: We had not yet coated these figures at the time the pictures were taken. We have argued about whether a good coat of Future wash will be worthwhile, or whether the paint jobs take care of shading on their own. We'll likely end up washing them so that they don't look significantly cleaner than our 28mm vehicles.

Overall, we were pleased, but it's a cautious optimism--we're not as experienced with 28mm WWII minis as we are with other 28mm figures and 15mm WWII figures. Looks like we'll just have to make the ultimate sacrifice and acquire some from BAM's competitors.

Our two figures from the front

Manufacturer: Bolt Action Miniatures
Source: Manufacturer
Price: Cannot be purchased separately
German: � 4.00 for four figures (
Russian: � 4.00 for four figures (

US Supplier: Brigade Games
German: $8.25 for four figures (
Russian: $8.25 for four figures (

A shot of the back with more light allowed through to show alternate details.

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