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Written by Don MacVittie   
Wednesday, 04 October 2006
Don takes a look at free samples of Finnish and Falschirmjager figures offered by ScaleCreep Miniatures.

From Scale Creep With Love

Our sample figures from the back

On Aug. 31, 2006, Scale Creep Miniatures sent the 15mm WWII Yahoo Group a note offering free samples of its newest Resistant Rooster figures. I had never tried Resistant Rooster and thought this would be a fine opportunity, so I immediately went out to Scale Creep's site and ordered the samples. The next day, Mark from Scale Creep told me that he was already out of the free figures. Seems you can move a lot of product if it's free. 

We don't know if Scale Creep will have more freebies available in the future, but the next time it runs this type of special we will post it in the press release section.

Our sample figures from the front

A week later, I received two figures, one a late-war Falschirmjager with a Panzerschreck, (Editor's Note: German airborne special forces with a German "bazooka" derivative) and the other a Finnish soldier bearing a satchel charge with a hand-grenade handle and detonator. Both figures are kitted out and finely detailed.

I don't normally play either army, but I knew if I just slapped some paint on these figures and threw pictures up here, someone would tell me about it--loudly. So I sought out sources online to give me a good handle on the painting schemes required. For the Falschirmjager I used the excellent painting guides on the Resistant Roosters site and the Flames of War site. For the Finnish soldier, I happened upon posed dummies with original uniforms on the Web. Because I don't normally play Finnish troops, I spent a bit of time mixing grays to come up with just the right color for a Finnish uniform, but otherwise things went pretty smoothly.

Our figures from 'the front'

Both of these figures are relatively new releases from Resistant Roosters, and they're a good example of what to expect from the company. Early on, the Finnish figure felt much less detailed than the German did, but this is a case of uniforms and has little to do with the sculpting. The Finnish uniform is rather plain, while the German uniform has several component parts and uses a much more colorful paint job. Turning to the figures' backs shows that they are both rather detailed, and their kit was actually fun to paint.

Our samples measured from bottom of each base

The figures are each 1.8 cm tall, bottom of stand to top of helmet, and 1.5 cm from top of stand to eye level. They are both scaled well, with none of the obvious "tree trunk" legs or arms that occur with some vendors. Overall, we find these figures among the best-carved on the market today, with exact scaling and fine details. They would fit in well with the figures we've seen from BattleFront and Command Decision, but might be too large to work on the same stand with Battle Honors and Peter Pig minis.

Our samples measured from the top of their bases

One of our upcoming multi-product reviews is of mid-to-late-war Japanese infantry. Based on these two figures, I'm looking forward to a head-to-head in which we can include Resistant Rooster figures. They're at the higher end of the price scale on a per-figure basis, but the detail is sweet, and the company offers some miniatures--like the Finnish troops--that few vendors have today.

Vendor: Resistant Roosters
One figure from Mid War/Late War German Paratroopers platoon
Other from Finnish Company Headquarters

Mid War/Late War German Paratroopers platoon (40+figures): $21.50 USD
Finnish Company Headquarters (13 figures): $8.00 USD

Our Source: Scale Creep Miniatures

Note: At the time of this writing, we were unable to find a U.K. distributor for Resistant Roosters miniatures. Our queries to Resistant Roosters on the topic went unanswered.

The Falschirmjager prior to wash and finish on a lighter background

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