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Written by Don MacVittie   
Tuesday, 24 March 2009
Edit 04/04/2009: Thank you all for your interest, I have an offer pending as of early this afternoon.
Annnddd... Sold! I hope the gentleman who bought them enjoys them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

When I finished the Romanian infantry review, I couldn't bring myself to just toss them in a box and forget about them, but I'm not a huge eastern front fan, so what to do?

For the first time in my life, I've decided to sell some miniautres. I built up a complete Vanatori Company for Flames of War, and I'm offering it here for not much over my investment cost - still a considerable sum, but I think it's worth it, and hope it will be to one of you.

The Entire Army


This army consists of three motorized infantry platoons with transport, one Pioneer platoon with transport and "extra" FoW flamethrower team, the company command staff with transport, a mortar platoon an HMG Platoon, and two tank platoons, one R2 and one T4. Since all FoW armies require objectives, there are two scratch-built objectives included - a bronze statue and an abandonded German AT gun.

This is not a cheap army to build, so it's not cheap here either. I do hope that doesn't discourage everyone.

With that said, the cost of building this army is $320.00 USD as-built, using the miniatures included. I'm asking at least that plus whatever you think my painting is worth. Email me an offer if you're interested at I will happily consider taking all or some of an offer in unpainted metal/resin in 15 or 28mm World War Two. Buyer is responsible for actual shipping, don't care where. I can take Paypal.

Another background, same army. 

Here's the list of what's included and retail prices (most was purchased for this army, though some vehicles came from a Panzergrenadier box set and I'll need to replace them):

Number Name Unit Price Total
3  PzIVF2/G  $      9.99  $   29.97
3 R-2  $    11.00  $   33.00
2 7.5cm PaK97/38  $      9.00  $   18.00
8 Opel Blitz 3 Ton Trucks  $      5.50  $   44.00
11 Kfz15 Field Car  $      5.50  $   60.50
4 Steyr Kfz70  $      5.50  $   22.00
1 BF Minor Axis Power Decals  $      9.00  $    9.00
1 BF Vanatori Platoon  $    20.00  $   20.00
1 Legions East Platoon  $    25.00  $   25.00
1 Legions East Assault Infantry  $      5.00  $    5.00
1 True North Infantry  $    12.00  $   12.00
1 True North Heavy Weapons  $      6.00  $    6.00
1 True North Infantry Command  $      6.00  $    6.00
1 QRF Infantry Pack  $      2.81  $    2.81
1 QRF Mortar Pack  $      2.81  $    2.81
1 QRF LMG Pack  $      2.81  $    2.81
1 QRF Command Pack  $      2.81  $    2.81
  Total:    $ 310.71
Over 200 Miniatures
8 3 Ton Trucks
4 1.5 ton trucks
11 Field cars

6 tanks

Plus two objectives not listed above made from parts lying about.


Unless otherwise mentioned, all products are BattleFront.

Command Team





 Pioneer Platoon



Transport Closeups




Mortar Platoon:



Observer stand closeup.


HMG Platoon





Abandoned German AT Gun.


Statue of the Lady

Armor Platoon - R2s 


Armor Platoon - T4s 



Closeup of the command tank.

AT Platoon



Yes, they're German crews painted as Romanians - the ones that came with the guns. Since some German equipment made it into Romanian hands, I just couldn't bring myself to go get even more Romanians to re-crew them. Will negotiate with buyer if this is a serious sticking point for them.

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