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Written by Don MacVittie   
Wednesday, 13 August 2008

“We hit the eye of the storm. The battalion was decimated. Hell, after that we didn’t have enough to whip a cat with.”

Sgt. John R. Slaughter, D Company, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division - on landing in Normandy, as quoted by Richard Holmes in The D-Day Experience.

We do a decent amount of World War II gaming in 28mm, and all of our Fantasy gaming is in 28mm, so when we were asked to take on the large array of 28mm vendors out there, we took the challenge as a great idea for some fun painting and some good comparisons. Luckily for us, there are a lot of differences in this space, between advertised size differences, qualitative differences, and actual size differences, it makes for a nice review with lots to say about a lot of figures.

We hunted down sets from Artizan, Battle Honors, Battleground: World War II, Black Tree Design, Bolt Action Miniatures, Crusader Miniatures, North Star Miniatures, Tamiya, Victory Force Miniatures, and West Wind. We ordered US Rifle team, squad, or platoon packs from each, whichever was smaller for the line. For all of the vendors we ordered early – ones we didn’t have to seek out or search for a US supplier for – we ordered multiple packs, one of riflemen for the direct comparison and one of something else – some support weapons, some leaders – to give you an idea of the variety available in the range. It helps that when we use these they will be as a standalone large-battle NUTS! army supported by a couple of Shermans and Stuarts, so we needed the extra figures anyway.

While we all have different reasons, we (as in the crowd these figures will be used by, not “we the Wargames @ Nordalia staff”) have a bias toward 1:48th scale figures. That made this review more interesting for us, because there are some smaller 28mm figures that we have never painted. It was fun getting into them and evaluating several vendors together.


Artizan Designs

SWW 302 U.S. Riflemen

SWW 309 U.S. Infantry Bazooka Team

Artizan is well known and respected in the 28mm WWII space, and these figures were a bit of a disappointment to us original quality – wise. When delivered, one rifle barrel was missing from pretty far down the stock, and nearly every barrel was bent over double. Straightening them broke another barrel off. While this is all readily repairable with a little work, we weren’t thrilled with the delivery.

We received a pack of riflemen and a pack of bazooka teams from Artizan, and our disappointment ended with the delivery quality. These are really nice miniatures bearing combat kit only. The are scaled well with little of the head-sized hands that are all too common in this scale.

The rifleman pack came with eight figures, all wielding M1 Garand Rifles. Don’t laugh, there are rifleman packs in this review that include carbines, and we know of at least on German Rifleman pack (only four figures) with an MP-38 in it, so you have to validate this stuff. The bazooka teams come with two gunners and two loaders. The standing loader is accurately armed with a carbine and has the shells in a bag on his hip, the kneeling loader is unarmed, holding a bazooka round.

In the figures we received, all have web belt, canteen, and ammo pouches, with only the bazooka figures having anything extra (pistols for bazooka men, shell pouches for the standing loader). Some few of the riflemen have the compass pouch also, a nice touch though it seems like an awful lot of guys are wearing it, so perhaps that’s not what it is intended to be.

The faces of the figures are nice enough and all of the parts are in the right places. You can tell where the ears are on all of these figures, whether using the chin strap or not. When washes are applied you can tell where the eyes are, and we were able to cleanly paint the lips on all figures. That puts them about median for facial quality in this review, perhaps a little to the higher end of the spectrum.

Overall, you will be massively pleased with these figures, they’re consistently scaled, they have gear like they actually expected to be in a firefight, and they’re just plain pretty.


US Source: Warweb

US Price: $20.00 (SWW 302 – 8 figures), $11.00 (SWW 309 – 4 figures)

UK Source: Artizan Designs

UK Price: £9.00 (SWW 302 – 8 figures), £5.00 (SWW 309 – 4 figures)

Battle Honors

USGI 1 Command/Thompsons

USGI 3 Section Pack Skirmishing

Battle Honors sells 25mm figures for World War II. This makes them the smallest figures in our review, and when we placed our order, we expected that we would be displeased with them just due to size and detail. Our Battle Honors figures came with a bit of flash on them, but cleaned up easily enough – better, in our opinion, than OG15s do. There were no broken or seriously bent weapons.

For this review, we received a section pack skirmishing, and a command team with Thomson sub machine guns. The skirmishing pack came with six riflemen in various poses, one BAR gunner, two figures with Thomson SMGs, and one figure with a carbine. The command pack came with eight figures in a variety of equipment and poses – binoculars with pistol, walkie-talkie with carbine and metal stock, Thomson SMGs, and a book that appears to be an artillery chart. Helmets come both with and without netting, and none of the figures have the strap across the front of the helmet. All of the figures bear basic kit, not a backpack in the set. If you like your figures to be combat-ready, then this is a good thing. Command figures have pistols in holsters, and the BAR gunner has BAR clip holding ammo pouches.

Each figure is equipped with at least web belt, canteen, and ammo pouches of the appropriate type. Most figures in the command pack come with other details – the phone, pistols, binoculars, etc. Perhaps the most surprising bit about these figures’ level of detail was that – unlike nearly all of the larger figures – the leggings on these figures are completely detailed, allowing you to paint them exactly like they are in real life.

We were very pleasantly surprised with the level of detail present in these figures, and found that they were truly enjoyable to paint. These are some of the most quality faces in the review, in spite of being the smallest figures in the review. The poses are realistic and the scaling is consistent. There are a few cases of oversized hands, but not terribly oversized. Indeed, if you were willing to paint the few figures with over-sized hands in gloves, then all would appear normal. Since most soldiers of any nationality avoided gloves in combat unless it was so cold that going bare-handed was more dangerous than being fumble-fingered, we painted them all flesh and think they’re good enough – certainly better than many figures in this size range. You can decide what looks best to you.

These are great figures that you’ll be very happy with. There’s enough variability in gear to make them interesting, the weapons are well defined, the faces are clean and crisp, and the poses are varied.


US Source: Warweb

US Price: $15.00 (10 figures)

UK Source: None known. Order direct, or let us know if you are aware of a UK outlet at this time.


Battleground: World War II

EEE-2001 US Rifle Squad

EEE-2002 US Platoon Command

We had honestly thought that Battleground: WWII figures were no longer in production, so we were pleasantly surprised to find them still available for inclusion in this review. The figures arrived with no broken bits, but there was a significant amount of flash present. BG:WWII is one of the two vendors in this review that ships with slotto bases, and except for our height comparison figure, we used them for you to see the figures as supplied by the vendor.

We ordered one infantry squad and a platoon command pack, receiving a total of 15 figures – ten from the US Rifle Squad, and five from the Platoon Command pack. The Rifle Squad came with seven riflemen, one BAR gunner, one Thomson SMG, and one ‘Grease Gun’. One of the riflemen is loaded down with ammo for the BAR gunner. The command pack comes with a walkie-talkie figure, a commander with binoculars and carbine, and three riflemen. One rifleman from the Rifle Squad has cammo netting on his helmet, one figure has full backpack, and the others have standard combat gear – web belt, ammo pouches, and some, but not all, have a canteen. The number of ammo pouches on different figures varies wildly, which we think is kind of cool. The belts on these figures are not well defined, but the location is obvious from the shape of the jacket, so like the other vendors in this review that have limited belt definition it is only a loss in that at this scale you can (and some vendors do) make the belt look webbed.

These figures are full of character. If you like that, you’ll love these guys. If you don’t like that, you’ll be less pleased. Along these lines, nearly all of the rifles are too large, some of the hands – particularly trigger hands – are too large, the helmets are too large, and the facial expressions are exaggerated. We think it is not so bad that you should avoid the products, but it is extreme enough that we place them last in this review. The leggings were some of the worst for clarity in a review with no shortage of bad leggings.


US Source: Neo-Forge

US Price: $25.00 (EEE-2001, 10 figures), $12.50 (EEE-2002, 5 figures)

UK Source: None known. Order direct, or let us know if you are aware of a UK outlet at this time.


Let’s get at it, the fighting’s over there.

Staff Sergeant Ernest E. McCall, crossing the Rapido River during a bombardment, as quoted in Heroes of WWII by Edward “Audie” Murphy.


Black Tree Design

WW2 012 US Infantry with Carbines

WW2 015 US Infantry with Carbines 2

Our previous experience with Black Tree Design’s WWII line has all been with vehicles, and, on the whole has not been so great. This set our expectations for these figures to be rather low, and we even joked about them while waiting for delivery. Imagine our surprise when they came, and they’re not bad at all. The figures arrived with one broken (and missing) rifle and a few bent weapons, two of which broke on bending them straight. But that was the worst of our Black Tree experience.

We ordered US Infantry with Carbines from BTD, and they came eight in a pack, all appropriately armed with carbines. Two of the figures come with helmet netting, and all of the figures come with backpacks. Two figures came kneeling, the rest standing or walking. The two kneeling figures were the only ones with the entrenching tool attached to the backpack, all of the others have the entrenching tool attached to the back right hip. The figures that do not have camo netting on their helmets all have the strap across the front of their helmets.

These figures really were a huge surprise to us, the faces are well defined, the carbines are well scaled, the gear is well done (even though we’re not fans of backpacks in combat, it’s not like it never happened, so they’re okay), and the hands are scaled correctly. The only real oddity that we found worthy of mention was that not a one of these figures has a chin strap on their helmet. Some figures have leggings that appear to strap in the front. We’ve not seen this, but don’t want to dismiss it out-of-hand, so we’re withholding judgment either way until we’ve had a chance to thoroughly research. If you have information about this phenomenon, we’d be glad to hear it (with references please).

The divider between the shirt and the pants on these figures is very well done. For some reason, many sculptors stumble on this point, but the BTD sculptors got it right on each of these figures. Also, only a few vendors clearly show the shirt underneath the Mackinaw Jacket around the neckline, and BTD is one of them. For all of the vendors that showed it, we painted them. Some vendors looked to have something there, but it was not clearly identifiable, so we didn’t bother, but BTD did them right.


Worldwide Source:

Black Tree Design

US Price: $9.55

UK Price: £4.75

Bolt Action Miniatures

US 002 Rifles Firing

We’re Bolt Action fans, have been for a good long while now. We expected these figures to come and be beautiful, showing the competition how they could have done it. While they are beautiful, there are plenty of other well-done miniatures in this review, so they are hands above the competition in only one or two areas, and while they’re toward the top end of the quality scale, they are in good company in that high-end. The figures came with one bent gun (of four) and one figure with any flash at all on them.

We ordered a set of rifles firing, and they come in packs of four figures. These four figures are the most varied gear-wise of any that we received in the review. Two figures have bare helmets with the liner strap across the front, one has camouflage netting, one has the camouflaged helmet cover that saw more and more use as the war went on. One figure has a full backpack, one has a day pack, two are without backpack, one with a musette bag, the other with nothing heavier than an ammo pouch.

Our love of Bolt Action hasn’t significantly changed. These figures compare well against any other figure in this review. The proportions are consistent, the poses realistic, some bear entrenching tool and others do not, the weapons seem a tiny bit short, but it’s not so bad that you go “no, those definitely are short”. The faces are very well crafted, though like BTD, none of these figures has a chin strap on their helmet.

Again like BTD, these figures have a very clean line between shirt and pants. There is no guessing about where that line goes at all. The web belts are finely detailed such that a simple filter will show them to be webbed and outline the latching circles. Unlike most vendors, the leather shoulder strap supports are clearly defined – but this could be a negative, as we were all under the impression that those straps were only used by paratroops to keep the strap from cutting into the shoulder when the chute opened.

These figures will make you very happy if you use them, and they come in smaller pack sizes, so if you like more granular unit building, Bolt Action is not a bad choice. They are amongst the best in the review, with only the single helmet cover and breadth of gear making them stand out against the best of the competition.


US Source: Brigade Games

US Price: $10.00 (4 figures)

UK Source: Bolt Action Miniatures

UK Price: £4.50 (4 figures)


Ami, you and your comrades are brave men.

George ‘Tsank” Tsankanikas quoting a German soldier during the Battle of the Bulge, as reported in A Blood-Dimmed Tide, by Gerald Astor

Crusader Miniatures

WWU 001 Riflemen I (x2)

WWU 004 US Infantry w/Thomson SMG

WWU 005 US Infantry Command

WWU 010 US .30 Cal MMG and Crew (x2)

WWU 012 US Infantry 60mm Mortar

Crusader is another of our preferred vendors, with figures that are nice, have a variety of poses, and paint up easily enough. They do well in this review, stacking up admirably against the competition, but aren’t anything that is astoundingly better than other vendors, and like most lines, there are a few things to complain about. Crusader has a lot more figures in this review than most vendors. Since we already knew Crusader pretty well, we chose them for our “test set” – a pack of figures that we paint up before the review to make certain we’re happy with the paint combinations we’re using before we muck up something you’re going to get pictures of. We also ordered a couple of support units from Crusader to round out the heavy weapons platoon of the company.

So we ordered US Infantry with Thomson SMG, two packs of US Riflemen I, a US Infantry Command pack, two US .30 Calibre MMG and crew, and one US Infantry 60mm mortar for a total of 24 figures and three support weapons. Out of all of these figures, only one has camo netting for his helmet, while there are eight figures armed with Garand Rifles, five with SMGs, three with carbines, two with pistols, two Mortar loaders with rifles, two MMG loaders with rifles, two MMGs and a mortar tube. The figures come with an array of equipment, with and without backpacks, backpack mounted entrenching tools, hip-mounted entrenching tools, all have canteens and appropriate ammo pouches.

We still think Crusader Miniatures are great, with some realistic poses and clearly showing the tunic through the collar of the Mackinaw Jacket. Faces are well defined with good expression, though a couple are pretty gunky. One pose is miscast, and we received two of it, which was a bit of a disappointment. Like some other vendors, some of these figures have hands that are a little oversized. You could paint those figures up wearing gloves if that’s all well with you. Our notes from painting time mention that the SMGs seem oversized, but they do not appear so on the painted final product, so we only mention it here for your reference. It is save to assume this was an optical illusion during painting of these figures.

The detailing on these figures is great, though we felt that the wrinkling of the Mackinaw Jackets was under-emphasized, particularly on the back of the figure. Honestly, it doesn’t make that much of a difference, and likely if they weren’t side-by-side with nine other vendors we would not have noticed it. The “y” strap that holds the front of the suspenders to the web belt seems unnaturally wide on these figures, and for ones that are standing face-on to you with nothing over that part of the abdomen, it is pretty obvious at a glance.

Overall, you’ll be pleased with these figures. They paint up nice, and there’s not any obvious scaling inconsistencies. The hands that are oversized are not in glaring positions, and other than that, they are very consistent. We’re happy to have as many of them as we do, so you will likely be happy with however many you purchase.


US Source: Warweb

US Price: $10.00 (4 figures or 3 figures and a gun/mortar)

UK Source: Crusader Miniatures

UK Price: £4.50 (4 figures or 3 figures and a gun/mortar)

North Star Military Figures

WWA2 U.S. Riflemen 1/48th Scale

Being 1:48th fans, we were looking forward to reviewing these figures. While we don’t generally use North Star, we were happy to bring some in and paint them up. These figures came with some amount of flash, but nothing that couldn’t be cleaned up easily. The basing system includes a circular metal base with two holes drilled into it for each figure, and pins on the feet of the figures. Unfortunately, the holes in the bases are standardized and the location of the foot pins on the figures is not. Of the four figures we received, not a one mounted up correctly. We resolved this issue simply enough, we picked how we wanted the figure to be posed on the stand, and cut one pin off, leaving the other to plug into a hole. You could conceivably drill and pin the other foot, but since they glued up well for us, we didn’t bother.

We ordered the US Riflemen package, and received three riflemen and a Thomson SMG figure. Two figures have camouflage netting on their helmets, the other two having the liner strap. The figure with the SMG is kneeling and wears a musette bag, the others are all standing and wear full backpacks – two of them with bedrolls, something no other vendor included. All figures have the appropriate ammo pouches and canteen. One figure bears a backpack-attached entrenching tool, while none of the others have one at all.

The detail on these figures is nice, with tunics showing under their jackets, well-defined guns, and a clearly delineated line dividing jacket from pants. The faces are expressive and differentiated, but tend toward the mis-shapen, while the leggings were difficult to paint at all. Some figures come with helmet straps, some do not. As often happens in this scale (and is true of many vendors covered here), the trigger hand seems to be a little too large. As with the others, it’s not by a huge margin, and you could paint them gloved if it really bothers you.

Overall, we like the quality of these figures. The face issues are a problem very close up, but at a distance the differentiation between them is obvious, but the bulbous bits not so much. The basing is unique for this review, and in the final analysis we liked it even though it’s more work than anyone else, it’s not a lot more work. The scaling is well done with the exception of some right hands, and these figures, like most 1:48th figures look taller and thinner than other vendors’ products.

You’ll be pleased if you put these into your collection, just be aware that you should check the size comparison pictures at the end of this review before tossing them in – make certain that the gear will fit well with your other figures before bringing them in. If you’re using 1:48th figures, this shouldn’t be an issue, but some of the smaller vendors’ products will have stubby looking guns by comparison.


US Source: Brigade Games

US Price: $12.49 (4 figures)

UK Source: North Star Military Figures

UK Price: £6.00 (4 figures)


“Why bitch about it?” Speer asked, “If we gotta do it, we gotta do it, bitching and complaining about it won’t change anything; let’s go.”

- Seven Roads to Hell, by Donald R. Burgett



TAM32513 WWII U.S. Army Infantry GI Set (1/48th)

We’ve only become fans of the Tamiya 1:48th vehicles in the last six months or so. Historically Tamiya is one of the vendors we use for 1:35th modeling, but we never considered their products for wargaming. Since we’ve tried and liked their vehicles, we were looking forward to trying out their infantry. We certainly enjoy modeling with their figures, so assumed the same would be true for wargaming. Interestingly, we were wrong. They’re more work than any other vendors’ product in this review because they come in many pieces. Some of those pieces have to be touched up with filler even when you get a good fit. Only two of the figures have bases, the others are carefully balanced and stand on their own, but that’s useless in wargaming. Of course, basing them up like everyone else eliminates that problem, and the multiple pieces does leave you a bit more room to customize these figures.

We ordered the US Army Infantry GI set. Imagine our chagrin when we discovered that two of the figures in the box are partial tank commander figures. We’ll use them, but that’s odd content for an infantry box. They come with a variety definitely more suited to modelers (who are doing a small diorama with a couple of figures at a time) than wargamers who are building units of similar figures. The set comes with four riflemen, one rifle grenadier, a bazooka team of two, an HMG team of two, two bar gunners, one Thomson SMG armed figure, and one carbine armed figure. All of these figures come with plain helmets and no liner straps. One of the riflemen is in greatcoat, while the others wear Mackinaw Jackets. There is enough gear to give each figure a significant load, but in keeping with our preference, we only gave a single figure a backpack for you to see how they look, the others have standard gear – bayonet, ammo pouches, and canteen – that we applied from a large selection included with the models.

These figures are billed as 1:48, but they do not even vaguely match the other two 1:48 figure sets we review here, being closer in size – in all ways, not just height – to the 25mm Battle Honors figures than any other vendor. They would add great variety to a BH army, so this isn’t all bad news.


US Source: Tamiya USA

US Price: $15.50

UK Source: North Star Military Figures

UK Price:  £9.50 (currently out of stock – 13 figures + 2 tank commanders)

Victory Force Miniatures

03012 U.S. Half Squad #2

Because we enjoy 1:48th, we enjoy Victory Force Miniatures. They’re scaled at 1:48, have a variety of poses, and are generally pretty clean. So we were happy to include them in this review, particularly since we have plenty of VFM figures but no Americans. Indeed, we had to fight off the urge to order more of them than we needed for the review, but by the time we placed this order, the review was pretty large already. We weren’t disappointed by VFM, all of the things that we expect were true of these figures. VFM is mid-way between Tamiya and most of the other vendors in this review in that they come in pieces, but only a few critical pieces. The figures that would be difficult to paint if an arm were right there came with that arm detached. It allows them to make more complex figures that are still easy to paint. We generally glue them together first anyway – single hands in particular are small and far too easily lost if you try to prime and paint them separately. We do this for modeling, but in wargaming you’re generally building far too many figures to mess around like that. It’s still a nice option if you’re up for mounting those little bits onto cards prior to painting.

Victory Force Miniatures are one of the vendors that come with slotto bases, and except for our height comparison figure, we used them to give you a feel for the figures as the vendor intended. We ordered US Half Squad #2, which gave us five infantry figures and guaranteed that our chosen pose was in there. As VFM sometimes does if you often buy from them, an extra figure was thrown in with “free sample” noted on the bag. The figure in question was a rifle grenadier. Since we have uses for them in the army we’re going to build, and only had one in the entire review, we threw the extra figure in also. Note that you cannot count on getting a figure like that from VFM, but they are pretty cool about throwing something extra in if you order from them pretty frequently or place large orders with them.

Our figures all came with plain helmets that include the helmet liner strap – but as we write this up, we realize that we missed painting the strap on every last one of them. They do not come with chin straps, however. Three of the six figures come with backpacks, and the others come with canteen and appropriate ammo pouches. Four of the figures come with M1 garand rifles, one with an SMG, and the “extra” one with an M1 Garand with grenade launcher. One of the riflemen is throwing a grenade. The figures all have well defined rifle straps, the leggings are finely detailed, and there is a clear delineation between shirt and pants.  We like the scaling of VFM gear in relation to the figures themselves, it always appears to be the correct size, something difficult to do with the optical illusion that can occur with different poses. The faces on these figures are well defined, but a couple of figures felt like the faces were choppy with our chosen painting technique (Reaper Triad with a dark brown filter around eyes and red/brown for lips). The poses have a realistic look to them, as is usual for VFM figures, and if you’re building a platoon, purchasing by the half-squad can be cool. While we have to rate them based on MSRP, it is worth noting that VFM regularly has deals on armies that make them significantly cheaper than MSRP would be. We bought our German Infantry Platoon (link to 28mm VFM Army deal article) for about half price not so long ago, and that kind of sale (close to 50% off) is a regular occurrence for VFM.

The nicest bit on these figures is the weapons. They’re detailed, accurate, and fit well with the parts around them. While we should have painted the band on the rifle grenade, it is there, we just didn’t paint it. The scaling on these figures is well described on the VFM site, but they’re designed to be different heights, ranging from 25 to 33mm tall.

Victory Force delivered on the goods, as they normally do, and you’ll be happy with these figures if you pick them up. If you prefer the slightly stocky figure types, then VFM is likely not for you. Likewise, if you’re not a fan of assembling what are sometimes small parts, then VFM is likely not for you either. Otherwise, VFM is likely going to make a good looking army for you. Scaling wise, they’re a close match to North Star, and if you base them alternatively they fit pretty well with Bolt Action, Black Tree Design, and Artizan.


US Source:

Victory Force Miniatures

US Price: 12.99 (five figures)

UK Source: None known. Let us know if you are aware of one, or order direct.

West Wind

WSU1-SHS – American Infantry Squad 1944

We’ve got some West Wind figures in our collection, but have never purchased anything from the Separate Heads System, so of course when we set for this review, we ordered Berlin Or Bust Separate Head System figures with some extra separate heads. Anyone need heads for head swaps? We’ve got a few spares lying around. As modelers, we considered painting the heads on sticks and then applying them to the figures, but since we had assembled all of the other vendors prior to painting, we did the same with these. The heads glued on without any muss or fuss at all, and we got started on painting them.

We ordered an American Infantry Squad 1944 and a package of extra heads. The helmets on these figures are all plain with the liner strap across the front. Seven of the figures came with backpacks, while the other five are in suspenders. Eight riflemen, a BAR gunner, a staff sergeant with a Thomson, and two figures with carbines are the contents of this pack – interestingly, this is darned close to the TO&E for an infantry squad. All of the figures come with web belt, appropriate ammo pouches, and canteen, some of the riflemen come with bayonet in sheath, and one of the backpacks is the smaller musette style but worn like a backpack – not incorrect at all, and a nice touch.

The West Wind figures that we own are all nice enough, but all of the pictures of the Separate Head System figures we had seen made them look husky and cartoonish, so we would likely not have bought them for our own use. In the final analysis, we’re very glad we did this review, because it puts the Separate Head System figures into our pool of available products for 25/28mm figures. They are a bit husky, but they’re definitely not cartoonish. The figures are well crafted, with the wear and tear wrinkles that you’d expect in the uniforms, faces that are very clean – the cleanest in the review – poses that are accurate, and a mix of with and without chin straps on the helmets. The one negative of the figures is that the weapons in general are a little weak. The BAR looks flat, kind of like it was cut out with a cookie cutter, the carbines seem short, and a couple of rifles look like the tip of the barrel is missing, though it’s not. These are not glaring in-your-face type issues, even though they sound like it. You have to get down and look at the weapons head-on to see most of these problems, with only the short carbine being obvious. The hands are generally well scaled with the only exception being the right hand of the BAR gunner, which is pushing out a new cartridge, and is stretched a little long for a human hand. One out of twelve? Most vendors couldn’t get one in twelve right.

And the wonderful bit about these figures that no one else had? You buy a squad, they deliver a squad. Two figures in this review have stripes – a staff sergeant and a corporal. Since weapons greatly determine which figure is the leader of a given squad, adding rank is not much of a negative and it’s an astounding positive. We tried to get Company B rank for this review, but their technical difficulties precluded that option. That means the squad delivered by West Wind is the only one to currently have leaders wearing rank (we’ll get back to that Company B review at a later date).

You’ll be very pleased with these figures. You may be turned off by the extra bit of heft that they possess, but it’s not nearly as bad as we expected it to be and it does not look unrealistic. The Separate Head System is not as cool as you would think, while it’s theoretically nice, there wasn’t enough difference between the heads in question for us to see it as a huge benefit. The figures are nice enough that this minor disappointment is pretty much irrelevant. They fit well with nearly all of the other figures in the review, and rank that you can just dry-brush or carefully paint makes them a winner.


US Source: Old Glory 25s

US Price: This pack is not currently available. Contact OG25s for pricing. Other WW BoB packs are $13.50 for 8-10 figures.

UK Source: West Wind Productions

UK Price: £9.00 (12 figures)

Measurement Comparison

Painting Guide

Shirt: Khaki base, drybrush with 2:1 Khaki/Deck Tan.

Pants: US Field Drab, drybrush with 2:1 US Field Drab/US Tan Earth

Wood: Flat Brown, heavy drybrush with 2:1 Beige Brown/Flat Brown.

Metal: Black, drybrush with gunmetal

Face: Reaper Golden Skintone Triad.

Straps and backpacks: Olive Drab, 2:1 Olive Drab/Grey Green

Leggings and web belt: Grey Green

Boots and SMG Ammo pouches: Saddle Brown, very light drybrush of USA Tan Earth.

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