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Written by Don MacVittie   
Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Another productive couple of nights.

The 25/28mm Americans are finished, the sizing pictures done. Now it's time to flock up the bases and take the final pictures.

Meanwhile, I cleaned up a little bit of stuff tonight and finally got the 15mm US Infantry review posted.

Unfortunately, the reader rating system is broken and has been for a while. It thinks everyone is the same person and won't let you vote more than once. For now we've turned it off, and the WebMistress and I are going to try and come up with a fix in the morning.

We've also made a breakthrough in the site upgrade, and the new site (with working polls and on-site search, along with a bunch of other things that are missing or broken in this version) might be ready for our 2 year anniversary on the 31st. 

So just typing up an update is getting boring, I think I'll throw tips, etc. in here, starting today and going until I run out of them.

Tonight's tip is Vallejo USA Tan Earth. Even if you don't use Vallejo, buy a bottle of this stuff. It's great dirt and fading for raw leather. It makes a good light drybrush on boots, and a good heavy coat on the glop that grows up around road wheels on vehicles. It's just an all-around good color to have. Heavily water it down and use it as a dust filter - our T34 review did that.


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