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Written by Don MacVittie   
Monday, 14 July 2008

Well, one more night on the 25/28mm Americans, and they're done.

The 15mm Late War Americans got delayed due to the need for some picture retakes, but it should go live tomorrow night.

Then I can write up the 25/28mm Americans, and move on to the one-off reviews.

I was pondering the current trend to equate quality with quantity tonight - the Sherman and the T34 weren't the best tanks of WWII, and the Russian soldier wasn't the best overall soldier of WWII... But it's trendy right now to claim they were, just because when one was shot, another showed up. That's different than "took out 5:1 or more" that applies to German armor and similar stats for the German army - right until the end anyway. If you count  the Ruhr pocket or the Crimea, then I guess they're not so hot. 

The new site is finally coming along. It's possible we'll be live with it for our 2 year anniversary.

Anyway, until next I pick up brush,


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