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Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 13 July 2008

We had an RPG game tonight, so my painting was cut short, but I did get some done.

The 28mm US Infantry review is nearly complete - the last of them are the Tamiya, and they're started. I wanted to get them done tonight, but always forget the little things like hand-mixed lips and the lightening washes/drybrushes to make the various bits look worn at different levels.

I'm spending at least some of my painting time pondering if my youngest child will be a wargamer. The oldest plays 40K, the girls have roleplayed and painted miniatures with us, but at varying degrees throughout their lives, but none of them grew up with it always there. Should be interesting to see.

Tomorrow I'll post the 15mm US Infantry review and finish up the Tamiya figures so I can write the 28mm US Infantry review up and start my one-offs and cleanup.

Until then,


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