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Written by Don MacVittie   
Saturday, 12 July 2008

Well, tonight went okay, considering that my daughter wanted to talk and my son woke up teething.

The 15mm US Infantry review is off for a read, the 25/28mm review is about done with painting - good timing, now I can write the one while the other is new on the site.

I nearly finished the BG:WWII figures, and finished up the Battle Honors figures. That leaves the Tamiya figures and we're live. I had some old West Wind Pathfinders I was going to paint up to compare to the separate head system figures, but I think I'll hold them and just paint them up when I do the new Airborne army.

Next will be a bunch of one-item (single product) reviews, and then it's micro armor.

But right now, it's bed. Have an RPG game tomorrow and need some rest.

Until next I paint!


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