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Written by Don MacVittie   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Tonight was standard stuff - I wrote a little on the 15mm US Infantry review, then moved off to paint some on the 28mm US Infantry review. I very nearly completed the Artizan figures tonight, not bad since they were only primed when the evening started. I also painted the flesh base coat on the Battleground: WWII figures just because my reaper flesh base color was a bit cloggy, and when it came out I got too much. I normally take the bottle apart and clean it when that happens, but I just used this one last night and it was fine, so I figured all was well.

This review is coming along nicely, but I do have some personal things going on that might interfere with its completion (my father, after a long and happy life, is terminally ill). I'll keep you posted here. It's too far gone to hand it off, so I will try to clean it up before this comes to a head.

Anyway, off to bed.



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