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Written by Don MacVittie   
Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Tonight was just not my night, I think. 

I started it off by pulling out the Americans I was working on and basing them on the poker chips I bought this evening. The review was about 70% based when I ran out of chips, so I just had to finish up. The seven figures I was working on were in the not based portion, so I plopped them down with white glue. I prefer to base 28mm figures with white glue, simply so that if something has to give when one gets dropped, it's the glue and not the painted bits. 

Then I went to the UC review and picked out, shrank and trimmed a bunch of pictures. Frankly, for a review with so many pictures (over 300), I was disappointed with the number we had that were optimal. We ended up with enough, but man, it seems too few. 

Then I went back to the figures to do some work. I didn't let them dry long enough, and painting the flesh on, I popped several off the stands. So I reglued them and came back to the UC review. It was, unfortunately, not as complete as I had thought. All of our notes, all of our research, and links to the sites were completed, but the text wasn't even started. That's going to put that off for a day. So I went over pictures instead of starting on it.

Back to the US Infantry review, and a pass to give them gear - Olive drab and grey-green, with drybrushing... And nocked the same ones loose again.

I re-glued them again,  and went back to the UC review. I got a good solid start on it, and went back to the US Infantry. After carefully checking to be certain they were glued down, I painted the leather.

By then it was the end of the evening, so that was that. I still have wood and metal to paint, and I always do helmets last, so Brown Violet and some more leather. Quick shot to start tomorrow before moving along. 

That's that for the evening. Have a lot of other thoughts, but meh. This is long already.


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