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Written by Don MacVittie   
Saturday, 21 June 2008

Well, I got the last items we ordered for the 28mm WWII US Infantry review today. That makes this a huge review, but I'm pumped about it. I painted up my extras tonight - one pack of four Crusader riflemen. I do that at the beginning of each review, order extras and paint those up to test the system and colors I want to use. They're pretty good looking, so I'm set.

I try to stretch myself with each review, do something different than I normally do. This one I'm using more filters than I normally do on anything under 1:35. The 1:48 stuff is big enough to make iit worthwhile, we'll see about the 1:56th stuff.

I'm also going to settle on an actual unit and try to paint the divisional patch onto them, but didn't do that with my test figures yet.

I did some other stuff, but it was all personal, so I won't log it here.

I'm off, until next time I paint!


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