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Written by Don MacVittie   
Friday, 20 June 2008

Tonight was a relatively laid back night. I primed all of the US infantry and all of the figures that absolutely needed a base to be painted are based up. 

While they were drying, I finished well okay, "finished" a 1:16 15th Century Knight that I'm modeling for Lori by Mini Art. Frankly, it's a good idea that's poorly executed. He looks great except that they left all sorts of gaps in the final figure. I don't know if it's an old mold or poor original, but it's pretty rough. This is going to turn into one of those projects that you put in the closet and pull out to make some progress on every few months.

I've been waiting for an order from Brigade Games that includes the last of the 28mm US Infantry we're going to include in this review. That is going to be one heck of an army, that's for certain.

Measurement pictures will be painful - the VFM and Tamiya figures require bases larger than the other vendors. I think we'll set them up and do one with measure per vendor and then do them all side-by-side. After all, base size doesn't matter on the tabletop so much as relative overall height and bulkiness.

I need to take a night off and clean up/write from the UC and 15mm US Infantry reviews. I need the counter space for the 28mm US Infantry review,  and I'm guessing that readers would like to see the product of all those UCs and Infantry.

Off to write my lovely wife,


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