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Written by Don MacVittie   
Thursday, 19 June 2008

I spent the evening - 3 hours and 45 minutes - cleaning and assembling eight vendors' 25/28mm Americans. Two hours of that time was spent on Tamiya alone. That's a lot, but they're also the most customizable, so that's cool. I did get two tankers out of that box that I can put to use if I ever buy any Tamiya 1:48 US tanks. I don't have any yet - all of my 28mm American vehicles are West Wind or Solido at the moment.

This review is going to be great, I think. There are a lot of figures with a lot of different weapons - a water cooled .30 cal, several air cooled .30 cals, a mortar, several bazookas, some BARs, some Thomsons, etc. Great coats, with/without backpacks, etc.

So I'll keep you posted. They're not primed yet because one more vendor (North Star) is on the way from the retailer. This really is going to be a great review.

I have finally decided that for my part, I'm going to review what I want to play with. I spent a year doing what readers requested, but I'm struggling with people's interaction and my investment, and think I'll be much less worried about it if I do (a) what I want and (b) What vendors send in for review. I'm not yet set in stone on this one, but think it's a good idea.

That's it for tonight, until next time.


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