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Written by Don MacVittie   
Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I spent the entire night taking pictures of the 15mm UC and Late War US Infantry reviews, so no painting update this evening. I took hundreds of pictures, will have to go through them tomorrow.

Still struggling with how Wargames is perceived and the lack of participation. I may well worry about this stuff too much ;-).

I've got 6mm EW WWII Germans and British (two reviews), 28mm WWII Germans and Americans (two reviews), 15mm ACW infantry, 15mm WWII Romanians and the 15mm Polish army to paint and write up, and don't know what I'll hit after that. Thinking about some 15mm Air planes. All of mine are BF or QRF, and I'd love to get some AIM planes in. Another option is 15mm Sdkfz 250/251s, but I'd have to pick one of the two and a model - like 251/10 or something. There are just too many not to limit it in some way.

The WebMistress has the two kits from Castle Kits waiting for her to get some time, and Delver has a Reaper Warlord review cooking up. So content is coming, I'm just pondering what's next so we don't end up with no product to review. Perhaps I'll finally do that SOMUA review.


Anyway, I'm off until tomorrow night.


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