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Written by Don MacVittie   
Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Well, I got some things done tonight, not as much as I'd hoped.

I set out to final spray the UCs, take pictures of the UCs and the Late War US Infantry so I could write them up tomorrow. While waiting for the spray to dry I was going to take first pictures - unassembled - of the 25/28mm US infantry.

I finished the UCs, started taking pictures of them, and took pictures of the 25/28mm US Infantry - that's a big review, over 100 figures from 10 vendors. Should be a great review when it comes, and it'll definitely expand my American forces when it's finished.

I didn't get all of the retakes for the UC review, have a few left to take. I didn't get started on the US Late War Infantry pictures. Other things came up, sadly.

I remembered two things I left hanging in previous posts too - first, the "No news announcements on TMP" idea is dead. We opted for getting the word out and working on getting people to participate in other ways. Second, the extra British figures I received from Renegade Miniatures were a free pack I had coming from a deal they were running that I didn't notice, so they chose one for me and included a nice note (that I thought was a paper copy of the receipt I already had electronically, so I didn't look at it until I was going through looking to see that what I ordered was what was delivered).

Anyway, that's it for tonight,


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