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Written by Don MacVittie   
Monday, 16 June 2008
Gaming, 28mm Americans, UCs, blog vs. with a blog.

Well, I was gone all weekend in Las Vegas gaming with The Nordalians - the annual get-together of the RPG side of the house. It was a great time, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I actually love these annual get-togethers, some of the players there this year haven't played at my table in 20 years, it's always a good time catching up and BSing, and I stretch myself to make the game special.

Tonight I came back and got into the groove a bit, though I was tired - when we weren't roleplaying, I was down gambling, so I'm pretty tired. Need a vacation from my vacation, I guess.

I got the UCs touched up and washed tonight, they're drying now, and I'll dullcoat them tomorrow night.

After talking for a while with The Dungeon Delver, we've decided to tackle the 28mm American Infantry review next. The 6mm EW German armor review will wait a week or so with no problems.

So I've got the UC review to finish up (a few pictures and an update to one write-up), the Late War American Infantry (15mm) to write up and take pictures of, the 28mm Infantry to do next, and the 6mm EW German Armor primed and ready to follow that. Likely after that we'll hit 15mm Romanians, but that's at least 2 weeks out, so we'll play it by ear.

I'm starting to get sorely annoyed with people referring to Wargames @ Nordalia as a blog. I'm going to try changing "Opinions" to "Blogs" on the main menu and see if that helps. If I wanted a blog, I'd have made one and not solicited input of the community. I didn't, I wanted a community where we could add to the knowledge out there for the industry. So we'll see what that does.

Anyway, off to write The WebMistress and head to bed.

Until I again wet my brush,



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