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Written by Don MacVittie   
Thursday, 12 June 2008
This weekend, 15mm US Infantry and UCs, weather troubles.

Well, I finished up the US Infantry figures, can take pictures and write at will.

I also got the painting done on the UC review, just have to wash and dullcoat them.

Problem is, priming and dullcoat from the other night both went bad. I presume it's a humidity thing since it was both, they're stippled, causing the priming on the Micro Armor to be bumpy - calling for airbrush even though the Irregular armor was brush painted.  Worse was the dullcoat. I love Armory dullcoat, but of all the times to have it act weird, a couple hundred figures wasn't it. They came out washed out, with a layer of white over them. I dug out a stiff brush and brushed each of the 251 figures individually, then took a few BF figures and brush-dullcoated them. Not much help. Brushing did help a bit, I don't think brush dullcoat did, since it just covered the damage.

I think the reason this happened now is simple. Normally I prime and dullcoat in the garage, but the temperature is generally cold here so I immediately bring them inside to dry. It was warm out there, and Nathaniel was sitting in the room I let them dry in, so I left them in the garage. Since it's warm and wet out, I'm guessing the humidity caused the problem. In the future, I'll brush prime in those situations, I guess.

I'm going to be busy with things that will keep me from painting for the next few days, but once I get back to it, I'll finish the UCs and then take a picture night - both reviews. Maybe I'll finish up the Tiriel (b) figure also - I have the hair and eye color, and I painted both wrong, so I can touch that up and take her pictures also.

Then I'll write up those reviews, and I think take a short break. I've got some great stuff I want to finish that is for armies as opposed to reviews - bunch of 15mm 251s,  German/US tanks, M3/M4 halftracks, half a dozen or so 20mm models and twenty or thirty figures, and finally, a 1:48th Cromwell that I'm itching to put together and paint up. I won't get to it all, but I can get a good start on it.

Anyway, off to bed,



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