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Written by Don MacVittie   
Tuesday, 10 June 2008
CD Late WWII 15mm Infantry, Microarmor, vacations, insights.

Well, I finished the CD 1944-1945 infantry (no greatcoat) tonight. That means just touch-up is left. How long can it take to touch up 250 figures? Heh. Actually, some of them were touched-up as I went along.

Tomorrow night's plan goes something like this -

1. Pull out the Micro Armor, decide on how we're going to tackle it, mount it on paint sticks.

2. Pull out the last of the UCs, assemble them.

3. Prime the lot of them.

4. While the primer is drying, handle touch-up of Late War US Infantry. 

5. When touch-up is done, paint UCs.

6. While UCs are drying, wash US Infantry.

We'll see after that, that's a lot for one night.

But I'm on vacation! So I will get a couple of extra hours tomorrow night. I have to be up for the baby in 7.5 hours, but I'm sleeping in tomorrow also, hence the reason I got CD finished. If there's time after all of that, I'll do some fun stuff I've been itching to get to.

I ponder a lot while painting, and one of the things I thought about this eve was my dislike of CD for reviews. I figured it out, and it's pretty obvious. I use CD for armies and don't mind it, the Skytrex figures I painted for this review didn't bother me... But when building an army, I pick out what I need and just paint it. And Skytrex only had 10 figures in the pack I purchased. CD has 50 figures in a pack. That means that this monster review of 250 figures has 101 CD figures in it. Nearly doubling the size, the time, and the leftover figures.

Makes sense to me, and makes me feel better about going off in Reviewers' Notebook XXVI.

Anyway, off to write my wonderful wife a good morning note and head to bed.

Until tomorrow,


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