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Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 08 June 2008
VFM WWII Americans, Tamiya WWII Germans, and CD Americans with/without greatcoats.

I received two packages today, unfortunately neither sets up a review - I got the Tamiya German Infantry (which isn't - felgendarme and three tankers in the box too), and VFM Americans. Waiting on an order from Brigade Games to finish out both of those reviews. 

I got the CD US Infantry in greatcoats completed, and started out on  started on the regular US Infantry from CD... This review will indeed be done this weekend or Monday night, one of the two.

Pretty good stuff, though unless one of two packages comes on Monday I'll be forced to do either 15mm WWII Romanians or 15mm ACW infantry next - I'm missing one vendor from each of the other reviews. Ah, but I do have a bit of other stuff going, like the SHQ Tavern sets that I could sneak in waiting for those two packages. And I have to finish the base for the sheep before next weekend.


I guess I'm off fo rthe evening. 


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