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Written by Don MacVittie   
Saturday, 07 June 2008
CD and impatience.

Well, I got most of the CD figures in greatcoats finished tonight, they need webbing, helmets, and leather and they can go in the "ready for final touch-up" pile, leaving just the regular (non-greatcoat) CD figures.

Meaning I should be wrapping up this review paint-wise by Monday. Maybe I can get the UCs done in that timeframe also, that would rock.

Because there is always something on the way here for review, I don't generally get antsy about deliveries. For some reason I was today. I checked like four or five times, and no packages came. I went back and looked, and yes, a couple of orders were due today or tomorrow, but who knows why today it bothered me and normally it doesn't. Odd.

We've been struggling along with the issue of massive conversations about our reviews on other sites and none here - we worry about the majority of great feedback being elsewhere, just because then we're either dependent on those sites for the commentary on the reviews, or we have to try and summarize what is being said elsewhere.

The WebMistress came up with a great idea the other day - give away the excess from each review for participation in the conversation about the review. Works for me, my shelves are bowed with the weight of lead, and filled with the volume of plastic, why not share the love?

Since we only need a few of these late war Americans, I think we'll start there. Hopefully it moves some of the conversations (both good and bad) about our reviews here, where we can direct link to them from within the review and not have to worry about the site being both live and available. We'll see.


Anyway, off to bed. Things to do tomorrow.


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