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Written by Don MacVittie   
Thursday, 05 June 2008
RR, orders, gaming restart.

Well, I finished the RR US infantry in greatcoats tonight and started the CD. There's a hundred of them, but they'll go pretty quickly if they're no more rough than the Skytrex ones were.

I admit that it's odd doing a review where CD are the smallest figures included. Perhaps we're facing some serious scale creep?

Going to be in Cincinnati soon, speaking of Scale Creep, so had MapQuest send the  map of how to get to Scale Creep Miniatures' storefront to my cell phone. I think I'll go visit Mark, if I can find the time. I doubt it though.

I ordered the VFM figs I was missing for review tonight. Good stuff, want to move that review up a bit because we're going to be doing some larger NUTS! games soon, and I'll need them (or we play in 20mm, but I prefer to have them).

We're looking at after the 4th of July to restart our suspended gaming. We normally get together weekly, but we've been on hiatus because of Nathaniel's birth and some other busy items. Things are slowing back down, so we're talking about 4th of July to try out NUTS! 2.0 and some new BF:WWII and PBI armies. Possibly FoW, we'll see how twisted we want to get. And we always enjoy our fantasy games... Picked up Tales of Araby not too long ago, want to try it out too, similar mechanics to NUTS!

Anyway, off to bed. It's late, and I got things done tonight, so I'm ready.

My next post should be "about done with this review", and start talking about the Micro-armor review, which, if my order from Green Dragon arrives tomorrow, will be ready to start (actually has started, most of them have pictures unassembled and assembled but unprimed, just stopped there to wait for the rest of them).

Until then! 


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