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Written by Don MacVittie   
Tuesday, 03 June 2008
UC's! RR and BH LW US Infantry, EW German stuff.

Well, I received the last of the Universal Carriers today, I can finish that article finally. Honestly, they're pretty. I don't want to say too much about the review, but QRF will no longer be dead last, I can say that.

Of course, then I have go figure out when to fit them in. Should I stop the 15mm US Infantry review and go finish them up, or do them after the Infantry review? I suppose it doesn't matter, both are more than six months late, so I should just continue on the current path.

So sitting in-hand I have the UC review, the US Infantry review, and the 6mm EW Armor review(s) - British and German, so I may make it two separate reviews. On the way I have  the last bits for the 28mm US and German reviews, though I still have to check on the Renegade miniatures and see if that's my mistake, their mistake, or they didn't offer US infantry and that's why I bought British. I also have the 15mm Romanians in the cupboard, ready to go, and all of the infantry for the 15mm ACW review. And all the Tavern stuff by SHQ is sitting in the cupboard also. I think that's it but I'm too tired to go look ;-).

Thing is, I've also got several started things - like the Polish army - that need finishing. I think I'll hold off on the UCs and gather up my armor for that army... I've got Dom's Decals for the Poles and want to write those up too - that'll be quite the set, Dom's Decals, BF British box set, and UCs plus reusing some armor from previous reviews.

And I've got a pile of personal stuff I want to paint up... I think I've listed that before.

But tonight I finished the BH figures and got more than 50% done with the Resistant Roosters, leaving only the CD figures - 100 or so of them (with/without greatcoats). 

Anyway, off to bed.  

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