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Written by Don MacVittie   
Friday, 30 May 2008
Who is The Ninja and why is he listed as staff? BF US figures, ramblings.

Ever wonder why The Ninja is mentioned often in my articles, he's listed as staff - the only person listed as staff that has no responsibility - and he never writes?

He and I have been friends forever, and he sees things that I don't catch. He's the one that will find that bit everyone cares about and I didn't notice.

Example? After the Escarlata review was posted, he picked up the painted miniature and said "you forgot to paint her earring." I took the mini away from him and yep. I knew it was there, forgot to paint it. She's a pretty busy miniature, but still, that's an oversight.

So I honor him with the listing, and he keeps calling it like it is. Figures I have thought were great he has pick up and nit-picked apart. Sometimes he's right, sometimes no, but it always makes me think. 

He doesn't write, and I don't believe he's painted a mini since we were 17 years old - much longer ago than either of us likes to admit - his armies are painted up by me, and are often based on what reviews are coming up.

Anyway, I got the uniforms and flesh of the BF miniatures finished tonight for the review. They're old style, I need to make sure they've not yet released the re-sculpts of them. That means they'll get finished tomorrow, and I can start on the BH figures, leaving only CD in the "waiting for paint" box.

We posted the Perry 28mm ACW review tonight. I ended up not doing retakes and just getting the edits. There's the occasional bit of whit flock on some figures, but nothing obscuring, so I decided not to spend another night taking pictures.

I think I'll play a wargame this weekend, it's been a while, and we have no scheduled C&C games the next two weeks while I plan for the annual Nordalian get-together, so I can take a couple hours for a rousing wargame.

Off to bed I suppose. Until tomorrow night.


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