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Written by Don MacVittie   
Thursday, 29 May 2008
Clumping along on Americans, thoughts on historical gaming.

I plowed through the rest of the painting on the Skytrex and QRF figures tonight, and dug out the BH and BF figures.

Those will go a little slower, I think, since there are more figures in each one of the remaining three. That's okay, I'm just glad the review is moving along.

I got most of the Perry ACW review written tonight too. There are some pictures I want to retake (after cleaning up the fuzzy bits from the trees), but I may not. They don't obscure detail or anything, they just bother my sense of "pretty figure". Of course, they're not visible to the naked eye, or we'd have cleaned them off before the first pictures.

I'm looking forward to finishing this one, I've slipped in a few figures for one of Lori's armies (ten or so), she wants to re-equip one of her PBI armies (airborne) with .30 cals instead of BAR rifles. PBI does a good job of (simply) representing the difference, but she's willing to give up other stands to change them from one to the other, so I'll paint them up for her while I'm doing Americans. I thought I had some painted in the "tons of excess lead" bins, but the only ones I found were in the "Tons of excess plastic" bins and the wrong scale.

Speaking of PBI, there's a great thread on TMP about historicals and accuracy. I admit that the reason I wargame everything but Nappies is because Nappie gamers are way too touchy about accuracy of miniatures and rules. I want to wargame, not learn more history than a history professor needs to know. I enjoy learning history, no problems there, but the correct color button for a given year for a Napoleonic army? No thanks. Doesn't matter. The guys still die no matter what color their buttons or trim.

Edit: Changed "thread on TMP" to link to the thread.

While I'm still big on this being "for me", I figure that it's not fair to registered users to just put it here and not tell them it's available to them - it's not like we have been doing blogging regularly ever - so I'll post it on the forums and leave it at that. 

Until next I can play with my toy soldiers...


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