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Written by Don MacVittie   
Wednesday, 28 May 2008
New packages, American Infantry Review, Irregular posted.

I received packages from Renegade for the 28mm WWII German review and GHQ for the 6mm WWII EW Armor review today. Great stuff, but I was hoping for a package from someone else. That's it for the Microarmor review, if I get pictures of the models that came today, we can start working on it at any time. Since the Irregular review just went live, we'll visit some other stuff first.

We posted the Irregular Miniatures review today. I think the article came out pretty nice - it's rather picture heavy, but many users like that, so we'll see what the feedback looks like.

I got the Skytrex (with/without great coats) and QRF figures nearly complete before the baby woke up in the middle of the night ;-). Not as much as I'd hoped to get done, but a lot, all things considered.

I've decided not to post news releases to TMP any more. Of course, I haven't discussed it with the staff, we'll see how well that goes over ;-). The fact is that people want to discuss our reviews over there, and frankly, we'd rather keep the info about our reviews all on this one site. Notices to other sites will continue to go out - only TMPers think they should have conversations about stuff on our site over there where it's not logically linked to the original article.

Anyway, lots of work to do tomorrow, so off to clean up and hit the hay.

Until tomorrow.


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