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Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 25 May 2008
On painting guides...

No painting tonight, I had a C&C game until 10 and The Ninja and I hung out afterward talking about... Everything. We pulled out some miniatures and toyed with them and let our conversation wander over all sorts of topics. He helped solidify some of what I was thinking re: the Irregular Miniatures review, so that was cool.

Then it was too late to pull out all the paint gear (about 4am), so I sat down to do some research. I discovered two things, both of which I already knew, but were brought into sharp focus...

1. I don't have enough American WWII Army painting guides - Probably because I've been painting them since I was like 12, I just don't own anything significant, not even an Osprey.

2. Painting research on the web is just too darned difficult. I was trying to look up something about Polish Uniforms under the Commonwealth, and get far too many results that are soviet, even a few that are German. And US uniforms? Yeah, lots of re-enactors, but by now there should be solid guides other than Diggerhistory with great period pictures... But for uniforms there just aren't. Or they're buried in the chaff we call the World Wide Web.  

I think I'll pick up a good solid reference, I've got a million of them for US vehicles and tanks, but not much for infantry uniforms. Though I believe it, I still found that odd.

Off to bed, until next time.

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