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Written by Don MacVittie   
Saturday, 24 May 2008
Pictures, Irregular, last post on the Perry ACW (I think), and Late War Americans.

Tonight started out strong enough - finished the Perry ACW, took the retakes of the Irregular Miniatures, primed the last of the late war US Infantry (more on that in a moment), and wrote the Irregular Miniatures Army Boxes review.  Just need a reader, and I'm hoping we'll have one when I get back online sometime this afternoon (it's 5:30 am here).

The Perry ACW pictures were rougher than I expected - several things happened, starting with a change in setup causing lighting maneuvers, then a bunch of white stuff on the figures. We have a tree here called the Cottonwood. Every spring it dumps what's like cotton in the air. Apparently, the garage door was left open while the trees were dropping their cotton... It took a bit to get that cleaned up, it was dullcoated onto the figures. But all came out well.

Then I pulled out the Americans, and it turns out that there weren't enough in greatcoats (I had forgotten that since I ordered them for review in November of 06), they're late war. I need to check with vendors to make sure no one has updated, but this will be our biggest figure review yet, with BF, BH, CD, Essex, PP, QRF, RR/Historifigs, and Skytrex. I should check on Eureka tomorrow just to be sure, but I think they only have marines in 15mm.

Brandon (whom the Perry Brandon's Raiders are named after) suggested I give the Perry ACW figs to a charity. That's not a bad idea, I'll have to ponder. I don't intend to play with them, so that might be the way to go.

I got the 15mm Sheep primed for the joke on a friend, but right after priming the baby woke up and decided that 3:30 was practically morning, so he should get up and hang out with Dad. At four months it's not like you can say "No! Go back to bed!" so I did what any Dad would do, dropped everything and showed him my miniatures and painting gear ;-).

Anyway, long night and have to be up for a birthday party early tomorrow and an RPG game tomorrow evening, so off to bed with me. 

Until tomorrow,


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