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Written by Don MacVittie   
Friday, 23 May 2008
Perry ACW, Miniature Perfection, Weekend Plans, fun with figures.

Well, I finished the Perry Miniatures 28mm ACW tonight. Funny thing is that I got little else accomplished. That puts me at about 20 minutes a figure, and they're not all that special, paint-wise.

I chose to use the back of the Perry box as a guide, but there are some items I would have done more on if I was planning on using them. The bedrolls (about half the figures have them) are all tan with black ties, for example. There's so much you can do with Confederates that making them all the same is a little lame. But the officers equipped their own unit, so I can hand-wave that issue away ;-).

They came out nice enough. Tomorrow night I'll throw them out in the garage and give them a final spray first-thing, and that will head me into the long weekend with a fresh start (Monday is Memorial Day in the US - where we honor our troops, so I'm off on Monday).

I was giving them the final wash, noticed some things I missed, little stuff that you wouldn't have notice if I did some creative picture taking, and I stopped to fix them. I guess that makes me a bit of a perfectionist, which is silly because no miniature is perfect. Not one. Just like software, it's not a question of "is there anything wrong", but a question of "is what's wrong acceptable?" Seems if I see it, the answer is "no". ;-) That put me at about 20 minutes a figure. Not bad except the paint job is pretty plain-jane.

This weekend I'll finish writing the Irregular Miniatures 6mm Battle Set review and take the one picture I don't have - both armies with the rules that come with them between them. Then I'll take pictures of the Perry miniatures and write that up, paint my Friekorp sheep for a friend, and paint up the Americans. Somewhere in there I'm going to attack my pile of SHQ, Revell, CD, Pegasus, and Hobbymaster stuff that is all primed and ready to get added to my armies.

Then it'll either be British figures for that Polish Army, some Panzer Lehr BF figures I've had for a while, or the American 28mm review. I'll decide when the time comes. If you're one of the few that reads these, let me know what you prefer. The British are for me, everything else is only here to review for you, so I'll tackle what you're interested in first.

Until tomorrow!


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