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Written by Don MacVittie   
Wednesday, 21 May 2008
Perry ACW, even more Micro armor, thoughts on purchasing for reviews, and modeling.

Another good night. 

Sent the Escarlata (not Escarlita as I've been typing) article to The Delver tonight. He must have been off line all night because I asked him to let me know if he got it and I didn't hear back, but it's ready once we get it read.

I received the last of the micro-armor for the EW review today, and realized that if I was smart I'd get some other stuff from GHQ for the review. Of course, if I was smart I wouldn't go out and buy things just to review them for you all (like the Perry stuff and the micro armor), but as long as people are getting something out of it, I suppose it's worth it to me. Though more feedback on the site would be nice, we do hear it, so thanks.

Got a lot done on the Perry ACW figures, I figure them to be nearly done - hair, trim, blankets, officers' sashes, and touch-up are it.

Need to write up the Irregular Battle Set, but I think I'm missing some pictures, so I'll put it off just a bit and get the pictures done right. Tomorrow I'll take them, meaning I'll likely write it up on Thursday.

So Americans in great coats are indeed coming, but first I'm going to slip in a couple of nights of stuff I want to paint. I've got like twenty 15mm and 20mm vehicles and a few dozen figures that have been waiting for me, and I'd like to get them done.

I've also been pondering building a 1:48 vehicle from scratch. Something Africa Corps, I think. I've never scratch-built a model, so it likely won't happen soon, but I'm starting to ponder doing it just to see if I can. I've got line drawings coming out my ears, so I guess it was inevitable for me to wonder.

Anyway, off to bed, exciting and busy week at work this week, and I didn't get enough sleep last night...

Until next I set down my brushes... 


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