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Written by Don MacVittie   
Monday, 19 May 2008
Did I say Perry ACW? Irregular, don't you think? I'll have Escarlita and Tiriel take care of that for me...

Well, aside from playing a short game with The WebMistress tonight, I got a lot done.
I wrote the Resina Planet Escarlita review, but don't have all the pictures done yet. Though the document is basically done. I'll send it off to The Delver for a read tomorrow after I have pictures - fantasy is his beat, so he gets the read.

I also started writing up the Irregular Miniatures 6mm Play set (1940 France) review, since I finished those up last night.

Then, when I decided it was time to do some miniaturizing, I started with assembling the SHQ 20mm stuff I picked up because I thought it was cool. I decided not to review it, but fair warning if you're looking at their stuff, it's very flash-encrusted. The M3 GMC Halftrack required about 1/2 an hour of cleanup before it could be assembled. The instructions are included for each item, but they're not great. All of that said, if you want model quality but in metal, and you game 20mm, these are the guys. Note that they appear to be closer to 1:76 than 1:72, though the figures are larger than that.
Finally, I started to move on the Perry ACW 28s. I got through the core uniform colors - gray - and the base color for the faces.

I dropped the poor, ill-fated Tiriel (b) today showing her to The WebMistress. Thus, after being mispainted, stripped, reprimed and reassembled, and with the paintjob nearly done, I messed her up again. Poor miniature deserves an award for valor.

Interesting thing I noticed - the other night for Tiriel, I pulled out my Reaper three-tone golden skin. I used to (three or so years ago) use Reaper exclusively, but for a lot of things Vallejo is more to my liking. You know what? I've started using the Reapers for flesh again. It's just a prettier look than faking the same thing with Vallejo.

My ACW are getting the Reaper skin treatment, other than that, they're a generic confederate unit I like to call "Brandon's Raiders" in honor of a friend in the deep south ;-). They look good so far, I'll see if I can finish them off tomorrow night.

As a generic Confederate unit, we can remove the "this color is wrong..." discussion and focus on the review of the miniatures. I hope.

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