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Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 18 May 2008

Micro armor armies, 28mm WWII, Fantasy, and ACW, 20mm mortar carriers... and babies.  A ton of stuff.

A little late posting this, but none of you will notice that, so all is cool.

Last night was greatly productive, and I got some great ideas for a personal project I've been toying with.

First up, I posted the VFM review. Good stuff there, there are a couple things about the painting I went back and touched up after the review was done, but the VFM figures are definitely a nice mix and go well.

Then I pulled out the assembled piles of lead and plastic awaiting brush and picked what to paint. First I finished off Resina Planet Escarlita, I can write her up tonight, she came out nice enough, and I've got some great size comparison pictures from before she was painted. Then I finished off the last of the Irregular Miniatures playset, I can write that up today or tonight also. With those two done, I turned to the HassleFree Tiriel (b) that I've been working with - remember I stripped and re-primed her - well I got a solid start on her, but had to stop as I'm painting her to be one of The WebMistress' RPG characters, and couldn't remember the characters' eye color. I didn't buy this one for review, but there's nothign about the (b) version on the web, so I might just review it after all. Finally, I pulled out two of the Perry Miniatures and painted up samples. the two I chose were an Officer and one of the marching figures. They came out well enough, and I'll use that paint pattern for all of them.

That was it, while I was planning to write this and picking up Nathaniel awoke and kept me running until The WebMistress woke up and I was tired, so I hit the  hay.

After the Perrys, I think I'm going to paint up some stuff that's built up for my collections - M3 halftracks, Scout cars, Sdkfz 251s, PaK 43s, and a couple of odd items like 1:72 SiG 133s with horse train. Then, I dunno. I'd like to do the micro armor multi-product, but I'm missing a couple of bits from one vendor. I could do the 15mm Romanians, a couple of readers expressed interest in them. No, I'll be a good reviewer and get the Americans in Greatcoats done before they're so old that they're no longer relevant.

Until tomorrow,
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