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Written by Don MacVittie   
Saturday, 17 May 2008

Our VFM Force in the advance.


When German forces Blitzkrieged their way across Europe and invaded Russia, they were at their peak, hardened soldiers who knew how to fight, still relatively well equipped, and capable of some stunning victories. These soldiers are well contrasted with those of the late war who were increasingly raw recruits who fought for dogma rather than honor. While the Wehrmacht spirit did not die, the troops became less disciplined and more bedraggled, cobbling together whatever gear they could find. And yet until the very end their uniforms and equipment stayed relatively standardized, with most changes being introduced to handle shortages in particular raw materials.

Primed and ready. 

From the front.

Last October, Victory Force Miniatures ran a sale on army deals, and we hopped in to take advantage of them, ordering up a German army – or the larger chunk of a German army – to add to our 28mm collection and review for your reading pleasure. 

And from above.

Like the Victory Force Miniatures Fifth Anniversary deal going on while this article is being written, the army deal was for several packs at $50.00 We picked up German Infantry half squads numbers one, two, and three, along with the command team, an MG34 team, an 8cm Mortar team, and the radio team. We don’t know if this is standard or part of the sale, but VFM also included a VFM ruler in the order for free. A nice touch, in our opinion you can never have too many measuring devices. 

The entire platoon in the assault.

The order came in a timely manner, something that far too many vendors don’t manage when running a sale. The packs were individually wrapped in bubble wrap, protecting them well. Many of the figures in the set come with separate hands and weapons, making it easier for you to paint behind them if you are willing to paint prior to assembly (We do this with models, but for reviews we always fear losing a part, so the first thing we do is glue them together). 

Squad 2 in the assault.

The figure mix is great – we have ordered separate packs from vendors where the poses were so similar as to not warrant the title “unique pose”. Not a problem at all from VFM. They mix caps, helmets, weapons, etc. such that only two figures look similar, and that similarity is only passing – because they are running – not so close that one suspects that they used the same body and head-swapped. 

Support Units firing away.

The figures are slot-based and come with bases for each soldier (though not for the MMG or the Mortar). They are well proportioned, with none of the ham-hock super-28mm arms that you see in some vendors’ offerings. These are on-par with the offerings of the state-of-the-art vendors in the space, and we think you’ll like them. These figures come extremely clean, with very little need for cleanup. The only thing that we found to be a bit off is the nose sizes, which are a bit large on many figures, but this is not so glaring that it is a major negative. Frankly, even at 28mm if you have to look at the nose to find something you don’t like about a miniature, that vendor has done its job. Like all metal models that allow you to place hands, this can be a fiddly bit on Victory Force Miniatures. We recommend that you use a pin vise to drill the arm holes a little deeper than what you receive – it will provide more support, and make the actual gluing easier. 

The radio team calling in a fire mission.

We’re not going to get too far into comparisons with other vendors in this army deal review simply because we have a multi-product review that will use these soldiers coming up in the near future. That review will offer a detailed comparison with the other major vendors in the space, including Artizan, Tamiya, BTD, Foundry, etc. 

Selected individual figures.

We painted these figures up rather generically, we like to have our armies be adaptable for most phases of the war, but honestly VFM designed these to be in the latter half of the war, considering that several figures have M1943 caps (that we painted as Afrika Korps caps to stretch the time they could be used), and one of the figures bears a Panzerfaust. 

With their trusty PzIV.

We like to build complete armies, so we include a few pictures with the shiny new PzIVH by Tamiya that we built shortly before painting up this army. A few of our pictures show our supported company. 

From the front.

We only recently (last six months) started playing NUTS!, and these figures fit the NUTS! company design pretty well, so we are going to utilize them for that ruleset at this time. It is worth noting that the half-squads fit the actual TO&Es pretty well, so if you shop carefully they fit most games really rather well. 

And the side.

Overall, these figures come with a great mix – an LMG per half-squad in the packs we purchased and the rest primarily riflemen with one grenadier and one panzerfaust (both in half squad #3). There is a guard-post figure that is tame for a combat company but works well as the runner for the commander, so we’re pleased with that. The funkers are a cool little set, but only really useful if you play a ruleset that cares about whether you’ve got radio contact with higher headquarters or not. 

VFM builds 25 to 33mm figures based on stature.

For more information on VFM's approach to scaling, see the Victory Force Miniatures Scaling Information Page.

If you choose to run with Victory Force Miniatures, you won’t be disappointed. The overall size seems a bit large – more on that in the comparative review – and a number of the figures have their mouths open as if shouting – while not necessarily inaccurate during combat, we would have liked a few less of them in the mix – but it honestly isn’t that many. 

First Squad from above and the side.

Second Squad from above and the side.



Victory Force Miniatures

Half Squad Pricing: $12.99 (USD)

Radio Team Pricing: $6.99 (USD)

MMG Team Pricing: $11.99 (USD)

Mortar Team Pricing: $10.99 (USD)

Platoon HQ: $15.99 (USD) 

This review included three half-squads (and used the platoon command to round out squads), there are seven offered, so definitely check out your options before buying.

Packs included in this review:

Half Squad #1: 3021

Half Squad #2: 3022

Half Squad #3: 3028

Platoon HQ:     30214

MG34 Team:    3024

Mortar Team:   3027

Radio Team:     3029 

Victory Force tells us that they always have a special going on in their webstore. The special we purchased under may be gone, but it is worth looking to see what the current special is.

 There is no "Tools of the Trade" section for this review because you can see the step-by-step (except the final cleanup done after looking at close-up pictures ;-)) here: Green Bay Wargamers Guild Painting Article


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