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Friday, 16 May 2008
It's an articlepalooza from The Dungeon Delver. 

I've got a 'blog space over at www.thedelversdungeon.com - I actually use the forum for it, I figure nothing's more web 2.0-y than a forum that also doubles as a blog, yes?  Yes.

 Well this is the first time I've done it here and I must admit I've been remiss in not gracing these hallowed electronic boundaries with a few thoughts.  So on the cusp of what will be a flood of articles about miniatures, gaming, and other fun things from my own bad self, here's a little something for you the reader to peruse while you wait with bated breath for my next article.

 The reason, dear reader, for this grind, this output of articles that's coming from myself and Don is...well...YOU.  The web isn't jack without Content.  Content Content Content and in the days when the gaming dollar must be stretched thinner than a thing that is thin, and being stretched.  Don and I were scratching our heads over how to bring it ("oh we'll BRANG IT!") to you folks in a new and interesting way.  The best way to do that?  Quit pontificating about network traffic, about interaction, about this that and the other and sit down and write.  I have a shelf groaning under the strain of so much unpainted metal and plastic that I could spend from now until 2012 painting and not be done.  I've got rules for various games I've never played more than once if at all.  There's stuff out there, dear readers, and if you want to know about it, the only way you'll get to is if I/we tell you about it.  That's why you come here, to read up and look at pictures (my shitty photography aside).

I'm no wargamer, by and large.  I can't tell you what color union Civil War wagons are supposed to be (and frankly...who gives a damn?), but what I can do is hit you on a near daily basis with talk about miniatures, games, gaming, and a slew of other fun things that I do do.  Oh, I've done modern microarmor (as evidenced by my review of Timeline Games' Close and Destroy), and you'll probably get at least an AAR on a d20 or Silhouette "Twilight: 2000" game lurking in the future for me, so don't think "Oh the kid with the wizard hat is talking about these dungeons in which there might be dragons".  And if you don't think those two are hardcore enough, I'll hit you with a review of TRACTICS from TSR!

It's all for you guys, this glut of content.  And if you fall in love with it, then all the better: we've got something to do when we're not buying rap stars' record labels, groping our italian supermodel mistresses and drinking Cristal in the back of our stretched Hummer on our way to Gen Con.*



But all kidding aside, you're going to see a flood of articles from the two of us here.  And as Don has asked elsewhere, qualified writers that want to join the fracas are more than welcome to read or sculpt or paint or otherwise interact with their favorite genre of the hobby and then write us up a review to consider for publication.  It's all about the gaming community, it's all about you.

It's all about why we grind.


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