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Written by Don MacVittie   
Friday, 16 May 2008
Talking about Escarlita, 1:16 Knights, Tiriel, Perry ACW, Irregular Micro Armor.

Well, our average article runs 200 or so reads a day for the first few days, and I'm happy to say that (since it wasn't advertised) the Reviewers' Notebook from yesterday has a big zero by it for read count.

 Seriously, that's okay with me. As I said in the first installation, this little bit of Wargames @ Nordalia is here for me to write what I like. Guess that's why they call it a blog.

Tonight I 'finished' Resina Planet Escarlita. She's pretty, just some Future and some dullcoat, and she'll be ready to go. Then I can write her up quick - meaning I'll send her for a read some time this weekend.

I also assembled and primed the Perry Brothers 28mm ACW box I have. I think that, after the "what color are carriages" debate that ignored the point of the article - comparing the products - I'm just going to paint these up using the guide on the back of the box, then people can focus on the review.

While the primer was out, I primed up a Tiriel figure - the one I stripped last night.

I started assembling a 1:16 French Knight. A nice enough model (this is not for review) that I intend to paint up as one of the Knightly Orders from our gaming world.

The last thing I did was start painting the British tanks from the Irregular Miniatures play set. Since I ordered 1940 armies, and the tanks are all 1940-ish, I chose the two tone green color scheme. They look okay to me, but there's not enough difference between the two greens I picked, I think. We'll see after they're finished (the wash and the dullcoat both differentiate colors more than you'd think. 

If you don't own The WWII Tank Encyclopeadia by Jean Restayn, go get a copy. All it is is color artwork of actual tanks fielded in WWII. I'm sure the tank-lovers will tell me there are some errors in it, I can't imagine a book this thorough getting everything right, but it's still inspiring when you go to paint armor. I've had it only two weeks, and it's already showing the wear from me pawing through it.

And the VFM army deal went to the reader tonight. Scott rocks for stepping up, we're lucky to have him as a member.

The Editrix should be coming back from sabbatical soon... a week or so. We'll be glad to have her back.


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