Axis and Allies 15mm: Head shot or near miss? | Print |  E-mail
Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 04 May 2008

The figure contents of the A&A Starter set.

When we were told that version 2.0 of the Axis and Allies Miniatures game was to be made with 1:100 vehicles, we became curious, and added them to our list of things to look at some time in the future. Several readers in many different forums have expressed an interest in these models and how they fit in with their existing miniatures collections, so before too much time went by we decided to move them up the review list. 

We went to our FLGS and picked up Axis and Allies starter and booster boxes for review. This is one of those miniatures areas that our FLGS is just fine for – they stock them as part of the Wizards/Hasbro selection. While we were running the review, the Africa expansion was released, so we journeyed back and picked up one of those boosters also.

Sourcing for A&A minis is as easy as can be – most hobby stores and many toy stores carry the full line of starters and boosters. Because of this you will not find sourcing at the end of this article.


Cannon Candor: 15mm ACW Artillery Review. | Print |  E-mail
Written by Don MacVittie   
Wednesday, 30 April 2008



All of the pieces in this review. Note that some do not yet have crews in this picture.

 In North America, artillery proved its worth during the Mexican American War, just a few short decades before the Civil War broke out. When the American Civil War came, both sides were well stocked with artillery and its massed use was planned. The US had largely escaped the earlier wars in Europe that had utilized the cannon to great effect, and now was about to relearn those lessons. 

The timing was perfect, new production techniques had reduced both cost and delivery time, making artillery plentiful, if a bit dangerous to use. American observers who would later serve on both sides were present in the Crimea or shortly afterward, and brought back lessons on artillery and transportation. The stage was set for a conflagration that would utilize the artillery piece in ways the US had not yet seen.

We brought Eureka Miniatures, GFI, Old Glory Miniatures, Quick Reaction Force, and Stone Mountain Miniatures Parrott Rifles and Napoleons into our painting area for review. While we were ordering for all of our upcoming ACW reviews, we ordered entire armies from Stone Mountain and Irregular Miniatures. It is unfortunate that Irregular’s army does not include artillery, but watch for them in both the Army Boxes series and the other two reviews in this series.

Thanks once again to Scott of PaperTerrain for reading this for us.

Edit: 12 May 08 - Fixed references based on OG actual package contents.

Note (13 May 08) SeattleGamer on TMP has observed that the spoke counts for the pieces in this review are varied and some incorrect. See TMP for the thread, but a summary is that GFI and Stone Mountain have the correct spoke count if that is an issue for you. 

Note (14 May 08): Some gents have commented that they believe the color of the carriages should be green - they may well be right. Since this observation does not invalidate the review - which is about vendors, not paint jobs, though that might be hard to tell from the frothing going on at some sites - we will not be making changes, but if you came here hoping for painting examples, please note that OD green or a gray green is considered correct by most for the carriages. In the future perhaps those with concerns will comment on the site where the review is hosted.


WWII British Painting Guide | Print |  E-mail
Saturday, 26 April 2008

PROBERT, also known as Zach Ward has collected a vast selection of painting guides covering several genres and periods, and is kindly allowing us to host them.

This guide is nearly as thorough as the first of his guides we published German Uniforms during World War II.

Disclaimer: Zach/Probert does not lay claim to having invented all of these lists. He has been compiling, editing, and modifying most of them for years. If you are aware of an original author of one of these lists, feel free to drop Don a line and we will get proper accreditation included in the list in question. All of us merely want to offer guides to as broad an audience as possible.


Opportunities at Wargames @ Nordalia | Print |  E-mail
Written by Don MacVittie   
Friday, 25 April 2008

After our two months of quiet time, we at Wargames @ have decided to open up the avenues for participation quite a bit to insure that we are not silent like that again, and to guarantee that we are growing talent to replace people as they move along in life.

The opportunities are all volunteer of course, just like the rest of us, and they range from the simple and unconsuming to the nearly full time, as your skill and time warrant. We built this site to help the wargaming community, and we're no secret clique or anything, indeed most of us met writing and none of us have ever shared a wargaming table - we don't live in the same states (yes, we're currently all US - another thing we'd like to change).

And while we do not pay, at least one of us has been a reference for every major writer on the site to date. Most in the editorial space, but at least once just a general job reference. When working with us you get experience working with a professional editor and a professional editorial team, working with deadlines (loose deadlines, we recognize you're giving your free time), and have links to your articles to show for it. You'll also get the recognition of the community. For us, that's normally reward enough. 

Imprint Models 1:50th Bradley Fighting Vehicle | Print |  E-mail
Written by Don MacVittie   
Thursday, 17 April 2008

Imprint Bradley Model primed only. Image is compliments of Imprint Models because we didn't get one with just primer


While I was out looking for a 28mm HMMWV for my nephew, I discovered Imprint Models, who makes a large line of 1:50th “ultra-modern” vehicles. I have a personal history with the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and I happened to see the Bradley on their site, and fell in love.

I don’t generally do moderns – I don’t yet have a ruleset that I want to play, for example, but this model took my breath away from the pictures on the website.

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