A Fresh Look at Dwarven Forge | Print |  E-mail
Written by Bill Silvey   
Tuesday, 17 July 2007
One of the first things I ever posted at my original Web site, back in 2002, was a review of a few pieces of Dwarven Forge "Mastermaze" dungeon terrain that I'd managed to acquire over the years. Of course, as time has gone on, I've gotten more bits and pieces, but I've never given them the attention they deserve in review form. And, I was never terribly happy with the original reviews I'd written, in terms of style and how I expressed my impressions.

That said, five years later and having amassed a great deal more Dwarven Forge booty, it's finally time to take a new look at some of my favorite gaming toys...

Opel Blitz FireFight: A Few Gems Stand Out | Print |  E-mail
Written by Don MacVittie   
Saturday, 07 July 2007
Don picked up a selection of Opel Blitz trucks to flesh out his 7th Panzer Division Panzer and Panzer Grenadier armies at the time of the invasion of France, and made certain to get a selection from several vendors so that you can see some of the differences. Due to the large number of Blitz variants out there, it was impossible for us to purchase every one, so we chose a sampler that suited our army's needs, one per vendor. Where possible, we list the variants available.

Bad Enough for Blitzkrieg: A 15mm Panzer II FireFight! | Print |  E-mail
Written by Don MacVittie   
Saturday, 30 June 2007
When Germany invaded Poland, France and even Russia, Panzer IIs comprised a large percentage of the Wehrmachts armor. This light little tank saw service in Africa as well as on the Eastern and Western Fronts, making it a bargain for most wargamers. While it's powerful enough to fight smaller enemy tanks, such as the Soviet T-26, or any armored car, the PzII is also light enough that you have to be careful or risk losing your armor.

Despite its shortcomings, the Germans managed to utilize the PzII frighteningly well. Can you keep up?

The tanks included in this review.

We brought eight vehicles from six vendors into our painting area to clue you in on quality and which will best fit your army.

Changes - but for better or worse? | Print |  E-mail
Written by Don MacVittie   
Wednesday, 27 June 2007
We use Warweb for a lot of orders here at Wargames @ Nordalia because they stock about 70% of what we need in 15mm and close to 50% in 28mm for most reviews. When we order, we know that we are going to order from every vendor we can find that fits the criteria. Warweb suits that ordering style extremely well, because they stock a wide selection of miniatures and their service is generally excellent.

So I was concerned, needless to say, when I heard a vendor had purchased them. It might mean that we had to go search out another retailer that could fulfill our needs as well. We've tried going through our FLGS, and there just isn't enough business for a brick and mortar to stock all of the various lines, so we really do need an online broad-spectrum provider. Each retailer we add to the list increases shipping costs and cuts into what we have available for other reviews, so we need a shop that is as broad as possible.

I went out to the Warweb site, and could find nothing mentioning a sale. Not a big deal, but odd if there actually had been one. Hmmm...

It just so happened that the night before I had placed an order for some 15mm BT5s for a review, and had an outstanding order for some BT7s that I wanted to merge it with - again, that shipping thing. So I went ahead and called them up. After being assured that the orders had been merged, I just asked.

Yes, the employee told me, 19th Century Miniatures had indeed bought Warweb and Grandiosity from the previous owner. It had been a small business and it grew enough to attract interest. This sparked a whole range of questions from me, but the two important answers were these -
"The purchase was concluded in March."
"No, we have not heard any plans to change anything."

If Warweb can have a larger capital pool to draw from, and they're not going to start playing games with other vendors and stocking, then we're good.

In retrospect, were I a reporter I would have sniffed this out long ago. Remember Warweb had the CD 40% off sale that was to end in March, then was mysteriously extended? And then BH items showed at a discount also?

Oh well, change is not necessarily bad. The one place that this could go poorly is if competitors decide they do not want to line 19th Century's pockets by using Warweb as a reseller. If that doesn't happen, and  19th Century truly is smart enough to leave Grandiosity in "business as usual" mode, then we're not concerned.

Writing this got me to wondering, so I went out and looked. We have made four large orders that have been completed since mid-March, and we didn't notice a difference in service. Time to breath a sigh of relief, maybe.

Until next time,
Leonidas the King | Print |  E-mail
Written by Norris Eppes   
Monday, 25 June 2007
Norris takes a look at a 32mm King Leonidas figure by Dark Slave Miniatures inspired by the movie 300, showing off the figure's quality and his painting technique.

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